Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Daddy Daughter Time

Today has been a day spending with my family.  Some time wrestling with my son, chatting with my wife and watching television with my daughter.  While all of this has been quite enjoyable for me, the most enjoyable part of the day was when my daughter proclaimed that she was "bored".  To which I replied, "Do you want to paint some jigs with me?"   Which drew a smile and a nod from my little girl. To be honest I dont know who was happier to paint the jigs, she or I.  But I believe I won in the department of happiness as I love the fact that she's eager to learn and particpate in fly and jig tying with me.

With smiles she and I went to the task of painting about 12 walleye head jigs.  The first set was painted in two tones of olive green and black.  While the second group of walleye head jigs were in tones of yellow with brown.  Once finished my little girl was satisfied and ready to tie some bucktails.  However that lesson will come another time as tonight is reserved for dinner and some more family time.

Thanks for reading and tight lines everyone.

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