Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Few Bucktail Jigs Tied Up For the Jig Boxes

As you all know, from my wooly bugger jig post, my jig box is a bit low on jigs.  As a result I've been spending a bit of time tying jigs for the fall bite. By fall bite I mean the smallmouth and walleye bite on the local rivers. As well I'm tying for white bass fishing on one of the area lakes. To start I'm painting my jig heads in two tones: chartreuse and white, pink and white, blue and white, yellow and brown. These colors have produced for me in the past so I want to build up the colors that I know will produce before I start being creative.

The pink/white and chartreuse/white color combos have both been very good white bass, striped bass and hybrid bass patterns in the past.  As a result I'm tying those patterns up in jig sizes ranging from 1/16 oz to 3/8 oz. The chartreuse and white color combination has also been a very good river smallmouth pattern as well, depending on the water clarity.  Both color patterns will be used for vertical jigging for white bass and hopefully a few walleye this fall on a couple of the nearby lakes.

As for the other three colors shown in the picture above they're general patterns that will catch anything swimming.  However the yellow and brown pattern works exceptionally well for smallmouth and walleye.  In fact the yellow and brown is probably the most effective pattern for multispecies angling I've tied. I've caught everything on that color patter from perch to pike and can't wait to get break it out for the fall bite.

Thanks for reading everyone and tight lines! Below are a few more pictures of the bucktail jigs I tied up last night.

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