Understanding Gamefish By Temperature Pt1
Date: 9/22/2013
We all know and understand that fish are cold blooded animals.  However despite this fact we as fisherman and women must understand that fish are often divided by biologist into three different categories Continue Reading Here

Understanding Topwater Baits
Date: 10/1/2013
Ask any angler what their favorite way to fish is and odds are your answer will be topwater fishing. Why? Because there is nothing like seeing a fish explode out of seemingly no where to engulf your bait.  Continue Reading Here

Product Review: Matzuo Nano Minnow
Date: 10/6/2013
The matzuo Nano Minnow offers anglers the perfect downsized lure for those heavily fished waters where finicky fish prefer bite-sized baits.  Continue Reading Here

Understanding Gamefish By Temperature Pt.2: Cool Water Fish
Date: 10/7/2013

My Biggest Largemouth Bass To Date
Date: 10/13/2013
Today was an exciting day for me. It started with me taking the time to explore Ford Lake, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on foot.  See, I've been thinking about hitting this lake on my float tube all summer long but haven't had time to do it.  Continue Reading Here

How to Tie Bunny Leech Jig 
Date: 10/15/2013
The bunny leech is something decided to tie up after seeing a fly tied just like it for bass so I figured why not give it a try on a jig.  I figured the bunny leech jig would be a good bait to throw at smallmouth on some pressured water I fish.  Continue Reading Here

Product Review: Reef Runner Cicada
Date: 10/19/2013
Description:  A darting flutter action on the fall and unmatched vibration patterns when retrieved make this lure a fish-catcher.  Its bug-like appearance and concave blade produce vibration patterns no other lure can duplicate to attract fish sonically and visually. Continue Reading Here

How to Hold Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
It seems obvious to many of us that holding a bass by it's lower jaw may cause injury.  But many of us just don't know, so we blindly follow the lead of the "professionals on tv" in possibly killing bass unintentionally.  Continue Reading Here

Understanding Gamefish By Temperature Pt.3: Cold Water Game Fish

Man from Ireland Catches Huge Catfish From a Float Tube
If you know me you know I spend quite a bit of my time fishing from my float tube.  The float tube allows you to get into places that are pretty much untouchable by people on boats or on the shore.  To say the least, it's an absolute blast. Continue Reading Here

Understanding SpinnerBaits Pt. 1 "SpinnerBait Breakdown"
Many fishermen and women will tell you that spinnerbaits are probably the most versatile lures. Primarily because they can be effective under pretty much any conditions.  Continue Reading Here

Understanding Spinnerbaits Pt. 2 "Spinnerbait Tips"
I have to admit when I first started using spinnerbaits I had no confidence in them whatsoever.  I'd tie one on, fish with it for a little while, and catch nothing.   Continue Reading Here

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