Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Troutmagnet.com Order Has Arrived

In my June Mystery Tackle Box I received an item that on first glanced I thought was a cheep bait that I probably wouldn't add to my permanent tackle box.  However this bait actually performed very well for me in some clear water conditions with finicky bass. So I decided I'd watch it and grab a few on the first chance I got.  That bait is the Thunder Hawk Soft Crank and it just so happened that the price on this bait had dropped in the last few weeks from $2.99 to $1.00.   So I figured it was high time I grab a few of these guys to add to my arsenal of lipless crankbaits.

What's unique about the Thunder Hawk Soft Crank is the fact that they have a soft silicone body.  However I don't think that's what made this bait successful for me when fishing with it. It's the fact that this bait is silent and doesn't have a super shiny surface that caught me fish.  It was simply a shad, not a super glossy shad or a knocking, rattling or talking shad.  The Thunder Hawk soft crank is just a plain shad and that is what landed me several decent smallmouth bass on a day when nothing else would land a finicky clear water bass. So I ordered a few in every color they had available.

Not only did I grab the soft cranks but I also ordered a few Thunder Hawk Dancer bodies, which are just small paddletail swimbaits which I'm sure will net me quite a few crappie, white bass and large bluegill in the kayak this year.  I think I'm gonna place another order for more of these in a couple weeks after I come back from my vacation.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 2016 Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

It's officially Mystery Tackle Box time again.  The December 2016 box arrived today and as usual it's a great gift to come home from work to.  So without any further rambling here is what came in my December Mystery tackle box.

River2Sea Rover
Description:The Rover by River2Sea is a new generation of a walking bait. Instead of a gliding action, its choppy side-to-side slashing gives the effect of an injured shad which will draw vicious strikes at the right time!
The Rover is a fast moving body that drives the bass crazy and brings out more and more aggressive strikes with each cast.
Color: 25 - T1000 (17 colors to choose from)
Price: 12.59

Strike King Rage Blade Blaster
Description: A true multi-species spectacle, the Strike King Rage Blade Blaster provides a unique baitfish imitation that tempts fish into biting with an abundance of vibration. Whether it's jigged vertically or worked with a straight retrieve, the Strike King Rage Blade Blaster features a counter-balanced design that works for a wide-range of species.  Fitted with a super-sharp feathered rear treble, the Strike King Rage Blade Blaster offers a one-of-a-kind presentation that delivers results.
Color: White
Price: 4.49

Big Bite Baits: Double Tail Finesse Grub
Description: A new addition to Big Bite Baits line up of grubs, the Big Bite Baits Double Tail Finesse Grubs hae a great swimming action at slow or fast retrieves. Excellent jig trailers, they can also be fished alone or on a jig head. Available in a range of proven colors, the Big Bite Baits Double Tail Finesse Grubs feature a time tested design proven to catch fish all over the world.
Color: Motor Oil Fire
Price: 2.57

Charlie's Worms: Lil Zipper Dipper
Description: A sleek minnow-like swimbait strategically designed to swim through grass, pads, and brush without getting hung up. Pair the Lil' Zipper Dipper as a jig trailer to add extra motion and action to your presentation.  When fishing heavy vegetation try rigging the Zipper Dipper ona  light weight swimbait hook and maneuver the bait in and out of grass patches to locate hiding fish lurking in the vegetation.
Color: Black blue silver
Price: 2.49 (4pack)  4.99 (8pack)

Mustad: SwimJig Head
Price: $2.52


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