Monday, September 19, 2016

Special Delivery! September 2016 Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

I received my mystery tackle box today and I couldn't be more happy. Why? Because the fall bite is on and crank baits are the ticket this time of year. Apparently the team at Mystery Tackle Box considered this and sent me two this month, one shallow diving crank bait and one deep diving crank bait.  Couple that with last months Lucky Craft jerk bait, my spring and fall crank bait box will be pretty set.  So, without anymore rambling from me, below is the list of items that came in my September 2016 Mystery Tackle Box.

Skinny Bear: Deep Crank 2.5
Color: Sexy (10 colors to choose from)
Price: $11.99

Baker Lures: RGD0 Series SuspendingCrankbait
Color: Gold Bass (28 colors to choose from)
Price: $5.49

B8Lab:  5 inch Ultimate Strike Minnow
Color: Pumpkin Red Flake (10 colors to choose from)
Price: $6.50 per 5pack

Big Bite Baits: 4 Inch Salt Tube
Color: Salt & Pepper Smoke (11 Colors to choose from)
Price: $2.20

Daiichi: D239-4/0-2 Fat Gap Offset Worm Hook
Price: $3.50

Friday, September 16, 2016

Michigan Weekly Fishing Report: September 15, 2016

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Weekly Fishing Report

September 15, 2016
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fishing mapSouthwest Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportSoutheast Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportNortheast Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportNorthwest Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportUpper Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportUpper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report

Windy conditions on the Great Lakes were preventing boat anglers from getting out.  The waters of Lake Michigan turned over with the strong winds and fish were caught closer to shore in 40 to 80 feet.   Salmon runs are just getting started and will only get better as the temperatures drop. 

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie:  Had good perch fishing with several anglers reporting limit catches.  Anglers are using minnows on perch rigs, crappie rigs and spreaders in 22 to 24 feet near Buoys 1 & 2 of the River Raisin, 20 to 23 feet near the E-Buoy and in 23 to 25 feet off Stony Point.  Perch anglers also caught white perch, freshwater drum, and a few walleye.  Shore anglers at Sterling State Park caught bluegills, largemouth bass and freshwater drum on crawlers.  Those bow fishing the marsh and lagoons at Sterling harvested longnose gar and carp.  Shore anglers at the Hoffman Memorial access site on La Plaisance Creek caught bluegills and sunfish on crawlers and jumbo panfish with worms under a bobber or drop-shotting.   

Detroit River:  Anglers were starting to catch some decent yellow perch around Celeron Island and Sugar Island.  Those doing the best were using emerald shiners.  Those jigging have caught a few walleye.  Smallmouth bass can be found throughout. 

Oakland County:  Some good size bluegills were caught in deep water on Union Lake.  Anglers did best floating a wax worm or drifting crawlers.  On Cass Lake, fishing overall has remained steady with pike, walleye and bass caught around the shallow weed lines and the sunken islands.  For smallmouth, try top water baits along the flats in the early morning.  A few good catches of panfish were also reported.   

Lake St. Clair:  Water temperatures were 74 degrees in shallow water and 70 out deeper.  Smallmouth bass have been caught near the mouth of the Detroit River when casting soft plastics, in 10 to 15 feet around the Mile Roads and the stretch from the Clinton River Cut Off launch when casting purple or golden shiner tube baits.   Largemouth bass were caught in six to 10 feet around the Mile Roads.  Yellow perch fishing was decent out by the St. Clair Light and Buoy 31 in 18 feet while still-fishing with perch rigs and emerald shiners however move around to locate schools of fish.  Large muskie were spotted in four to eight feet around the spillway near the Clinton River Cutoff.  These fish are not biting but those caught were taken on white lures because of the murky water.  Channel cats were caught when drifting crawlers on the bottom.  Bluegills were caught just outside the canal to Metro in 10 feet while casting lead head jigs with wax worms in the weed beds and around docks.  On the north end, walleye were caught when trolling a crawler harness from the mouth of the Clinton River to Strawberry Island but check your line constantly to keep the weeds off.  

St. Clair River:   Northern pike have been caught in the Middle Channel in 10 feet with rattle traps and spinners around the docks and weed beds. Anglers have caught smallmouth bass at the mouth of the North Channel.  

Harbor Beach:  The water was stirred up but once it settles back down anglers will want to try 80 to 135 feet near the color lines for steelhead.  Use bright colored spoons in 160 feet.  For salmon, try spoons 25 to 90 feet down.  Lake trout were hitting on dodgers and spin-glo’s near the bottom or spoons 60 to 120 feet down.  Blue, green orange and purple were good colors.  A few walleye were taken on spoons, thunder sticks and crawler harnesses in 50 to 120 feet.  Some good size bass were caught by those casting small spinner and body baits close to shore.  

Saginaw Bay:  The area between the Saganing Bar and the Pinconning Bars continues to be the perch hot-spot for the inner bay.  This area can be accessed from Eagle Bay Marina on the north end or Gambil’s Marina on the south end.  Perch were also caught near sailboat buoy D, the Black Hole, the Spark Plug, northeast of Spoils Island and along the shipping channel near Buoys 18 & 22.  A few perch were caught in eight to 10 feet straight off the mouth of the Quanicassee River.   

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph:  Weather has hampered fishing and few boats were able to get out.  Perch fishing was very slow and pier fishing was slow.  

St. Joseph River:  Those trolling have caught a few salmon on spoons. 

South Haven:  Very few boats were able to fish this week due to the poor weather.    Pier fishing was very slow this week.   Pressure was also very low.   Perch fishing was very slow this week.  

Kalamazoo River:  Night anglers caught catfish on crawlers and cut bait near Comstock.  Salmon have moved closer to the river mouth as fish were caught out in 40 to 80 feet.  A fair number of steelhead were caught off the mouth of Swan Creek when using crawlers under a bobber or drifting yarn on the bottom.    

Black River:  There is a few salmon being caught by anglers trolling spoons.   

Grand Haven:  Boat anglers found trout and salmon 35 to 100 feet down in 80 to 180 feet with orange, blue and green spoons as well as white or green flies.  Pier anglers caught coho on glow spoons or live bait.   

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  Had a small surge of coho up near the 6th Street Dam.  Some fish were caught by shore anglers and others were taken by those trolling plugs.  

Muskegon:  When the weather allows, trout and salmon were caught by boat anglers fishing 45 to 100 feet down in 100 to 200 feet with orange or green spoons.  

Whitehall:  Boat anglers caught salmon 30 to 70 feet down in 70 to 140 feet.  Pier anglers also caught a few salmon when casting glow spoons or jigs.  

White Lake:  Bluegill and perch fishing was good in 15 to 25 feet near the drop-offs.  Try fishing near the bottom using wax worms or red worms.

White River:   Chinook are starting to make their way up into the river and were entering Oceana County at Skeels Road.  

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Mackinaw City:  Anglers report good numbers of lake trout along with some pink salmon and smaller Chinook around Mackinac Island.  Most of the lake trout were caught on dodgers with spin-glo’s and the salmon on spoons.  

Cheboygan:  Boat anglers caught a few Chinook and pink salmon when trolling between the Cheboygan River and the shipping channel.  Try a mix of spoons, J-plugs and a flasher/fly combo.  

Cheboygan River:  Had a few more salmon in it but catch rates remained on the slow side with only a few fish caught each day.  Most are using skein, glow spoons and body baits early or late.  The water is still very warm.  Smallmouth bass, walleye and pike were also caught but most were undersize.  

Rogers City:  Weather is becoming an issue as stability has been affected with the changing winds and cold fronts.  Chinook salmon are being caught in front of Swan Bay on a regular basis.  No numbers in the bay yet but a few were moving in and out.  Fish were caught in 45 to 90 feet with J-plugs and attractors or flashers with flies, squid and cut bait.  When the water is cold, spoons worked better.  Hot colors were still green, blue, purple, white, black or glow early or late.  Anglers are still getting lake trout, pink salmon, walleye and the stray Atlantic salmon.  A fair number of younger Chinook were caught deeper near the temperature break.  Those fishing Forty Mile Point caught a mix of Atlantic, pink and Chinook salmon, lake trout and walleye.  

Presque Isle:  Had great lake trout fishing in the bottom 10 feet of waters 70 to 120 feet deep when using big attractors with flies and squid or cowbells and dodgers with spin-glo’s.   Those targeting salmon were in 45 to 70 feet between the lighthouses and Stoneport.  Try spoons, J-plugs or attractors with flies, squid and cut bait in the top half of the water column.  Good colors were green, blue, black and white, purple or anything that glows early and late.  

Thunder Bay River:  Salmon were starting to show up near the Ninth Street Dam.  Anglers were using Cleo’s, rattletraps and stick baits.    

West Twin Lake:  In Montmorency County was producing a good number of walleye.  

Black River:  Anglers reported a good number of brook trout on portions in both Montmorency and Otsego County.  

Lake Margrethe:  Some large bluegills were caught in 16 feet.      

Higgins Lake:  Lake trout were still hitting in 80 to 100 feet.  Perch anglers found some fish in 50 feet.  Try near the islands.  

Houghton Lake:  Had good panfish action.  Try leaf worms, leeches or wax worms.  Some have caught the occasional walleye when slow trolling with crawlers or leeches on a harness.  

Lake St. Helen:  Was producing northern pike and panfish.    

Tawas:  Those trolling anywhere from 21 feet off the Crib at Alabaster to 35 to 60 feet out beyond Buoy #2 were getting a mix of walleye and steelhead on body baits.  Some walleye and perch were taken along the weed beds off Jerry’s Marina but the perch anglers were still doing a lot of sorting to get a mess of eaters.  The minnow situation was improving with most bait shops now carrying shiners.         

Tawas River:  Was producing a few channel cats and freshwater drum on crawlers.  Rumor has it a couple salmon were caught but the reports were not verified.  

Au Gres:  Perch anglers were going to the Steeples north of Big Charity Island in 35 to 40 feet, the NOAA weather buoy in 40 feet or more and south of the hotel on Pointe Au Gres in 35 to 40 feet.  Fish were caught but anglers were sorting out lots of small ones.  

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Harbor Springs:  Anglers caught lake trout about 120 feet down near Harbor Point.  Some caught lake trout and a couple salmon around Seven Mile Point.  

Petoskey:  Boat anglers picked up lake trout and the occasional salmon.  The salmon were caught 40 to 45 feet down but the wind blew warm water back into Little Traverse Bay and the fish were 70 to 80 feet down.  The surface temperature was near 70 degrees and the thermocline was reported at 110 to 120 feet.  Lake trout were caught 100 to 140 feet down.  Most were using spoons but some did well with cut bait.  Pier anglers were targeting salmon with glow spoons before sunrise.  Fish were hooked but they had a hard time landing them.  

Bear River:  The water level was much higher and more anglers were out trying to catch salmon, but only a couple fish were landed near the dam.  Most were using spawn bags and flies.  

Charlevoix:  Boat fishing was slow but some did pick up a couple lake trout, Chinook or coho salmon.  The lake trout were 100 to 110 feet down and the salmon were 50 to 60 feet down.  Try spoons and a flasher/fly combo.  Those fishing the channel were targeting smallmouth bass but landing a legal size fishwas hit-or-miss.  Try real or artificial worms.  A few were casting glow spoons for salmon after dark.  The Weir at Medusa Creek is in place, which means the creek and an area of Lake Michigan in a radius of 100 feet from the mouth of Medusa Creek is closed to fishing.   

Traverse City:  Salmon anglers have been catching a mix of coho and Chinook on both bays early in the morning and before dusk.  On the East Bay, a few salmon, lake trout and lake herring were caught at the south end and off Elk Rapids.  The Elk River is slow however a few salmon have made it to the dam.  On the West Bay, fish are still being marked and caught in front of Clinch Park.  

Boardman River:  Remains slow however salmon anglers have hooked a few fish at the dam.  As a reminder, the weir grates have been put in the river and fishing is closed 300 feet upstream and downstream of the weir. 


Frankfort:  Chinook are in full run mode.  Those trolling have landed good numbers of good size fish in Betsie Bay.  Pier anglers have caught coho on glow spoons throughout

the day.  Those heading north to Platte Bay reported good numbers of coho when casting and jigging.  

Betsie River:  Anglers were landing a good number of Chinook salmon downstream of the Homestead Dam with spawn, spoons and jigs and stick baits.  Most of the fish were caught in the slower water and in pools under structure.  

Portage Lake:  Those trolling the shoreline in the early morning caught a few coho on spoons.  Coho were also reported in the channel.  

Manistee:  Dredging continues in the harbor so boat anglers should be cautious around the equipment.  Chinook salmon slowed but a few were still being caught in 50 to 70 feet.  Coho and lake trout have come into the same depths.  Chinook were caught in the channel.  

Manistee Lake:  Anglers were doing well catching a decent number of seven to nine inch bluegills and pumpkinseeds on crawlers and leaf worms.  Those trolling for salmon were limited as most are nowfishing up in the river.  

Big Manistee River:  Chinook and coho salmon have reached Tippy Dam in good numbers, but anglers are having a hard time getting them to hit.  Anglers had slightly better success above the coffer dam on the Consumers Energy side with a mix of everything from spawn to crankbaits and spinners.  Fishingbetween High Bridge and Bear Creek has been slow with the exception of a few Kings caught out of the mouth of Pine Creek.  The bite was steady east of Bear Creek in the lower section.  Those anchored in the deeper holes and casting crankbaits did best in the morning.  

Ludington: Surface temperature readings were about 63 degrees.  Chinook and coho were still being caught in 50 to 90 feet.  Chinook were caught in the channel as well.  At night, walleye were caught off the piers.  

Pere Marquette River:  A fair amount of fish have moved up into the main tributaries but only a small portion of those fish have made their way into the smaller tributaries.  

Pentwater:  Salmon fishing has been slow, but a few were caught 30 to 70 feet down in 80 to 165 feet.  Pier anglers caught a few salmon and the occasional steelhead in the

early morning or late evening when casting spoons or jigs. 

Pentwater Lake:  Anglers have caught a few smallmouth bass and pike in the channel while casting crank baits or drifting minnows.

Pentwater River:  Chinook were starting to enter the river from Pentwater Lake.

Upper Peninsula

Keewanaw Bay:  South winds kept the lake trout out in deeper water.  A few coho showed up 40 to 60 feet down in 120 feet around the bay and near Sand Point.  A Chinook and brown trout were also caught.  Anglers were trolling glow spoons and a flasher/fly combo.   

Lake Gogebic:  Fishing was good with some reporting limit catches of walleye when trolling crawler harnesses and stick baits or bobber fishing with crawlers, leeches and minnows especially in Bergland Bay.  A decent number of perch and pumpkinseed were caught in the weed beds.   

Michigamme Reservoir:  Anglers caught a few walleye and some panfish near the Way Dam.    

Menominee River:  The walleye bite remains fair for those trolling very early morning or evenings from Stephenson Island to the mouth.  No reports of salmon yet. 

Little Bay De Noc:  Walleye anglers reported fair catches.  The better action was still in the southern waters.  Fish were caught from Stonington south to the “Fingers” when trolling crawlers or stick baits in 18 to 26 feet.  Anglers near Kipling reported lots of undersize fish caught in 22 feet.  Several good catches of perch were reported in the Nelsons Bay area with minnows in seven to 12 feet and fair catches at the mouth of the Escanaba Yacht Harbor along the break.  The better smallmouth action was just south of the Black Bottom in 12 to 20 feet and along the east shore past Stonington in eight to 20 feet.  Good pike action between the Day’s River and Butler Island when trolling or casting spinners, spoons and crank baits in eight to 16 feet.  No significant salmon reports for the rivers yet but it won’t be long with the cooler temperatures.   

Big Bay De Noc:  Look for good smallmouth bass fishing as fish are being marked in the southern waters.  The better fishing was from Ripley Shoal out to Round Island when casting crank baits, plastics or spinners in eight to 16 feet.  Some were also drifting minnows.  Fair catches were also reported near Garden Bluff in 12 to 25 feet. 

Manistique River:  Had some Chinook salmon starting to move in. 

Manistique Lakes:  Were producing some perch.      

Marquette:  When they can get out, boat anglers caught lake trout in 140 to 180 feet near the white rocks.  Boat anglers fishing the mouth of the Chocolay River caught a few pike but no salmon.  Some have reported salmon in the Carp River and the Dead River but there has been no confirmation of anyfish harvested.  

Munising:  Surface water temperatures remain at 66 degrees and were in the low 50’s about 80 feet down.  A few splake were caught on the Anna River dock with spawn sacs.   

St. Marys River:  When both the Government Powerhouse and the Cloverland Powerhouse were down recently, there was no current keeping the pink salmon consolidated in one area like usual.  Most anglers were getting between one and four fish per trip.  Those drifting in the St. Marys Rapids picked up a few pink salmon when the turbines were off.  Most fish were taken on white blade baits and Swedish pimples.  Walleye anglers trolling from the Soo Powerhouse down to the Aune-Osborn launch picked up a decent number of walleye when trolling crawler harnesses or stick baits inside the rock islands.  

Detour:  Anglers did take some limit catches of pink salmon when trolling 52 feet down in 60 to 80 feet.  Most were using a three inch spoons in gold or purple.  Along with the pinks anglers also caught a few Chinook and coho.  The best area for trolling for salmon this time of year is upstream from the Detour Lighthouse from the green buoy northwest of the lighthouse and back and then to the east to the red buoy on the Drummond Island side.  This enables anglers better boat control on windy days.  At Seymour Bay, two miles east of Detour Village off Hwy M-134, anglers reported smallmouth bass in the 16 to 18 inch class.  Anglers are casting blue and chrome weed less spoons from boats and shore.  Northeast of Detour Village at Pipe Island, walleye were caught by those trolling bottom bouncers with a 36 inch leader over the rock piles and under the underwater humps in 18 to 22 feet.  


Cedarville and Hessel:  Anglers out of Hessel caught smallmouth bass straight out from the Hessel Pier at Haven Island in the early morning.  The better fishing was on the windy days when jigging green and dark brown tube jigs in four to six feet.  Those targeting pike found fish in Wilderness Bay when trolling purple and gold crank baits or red and white spoons just off the weed beds.  Yellow perch fishing was very slow around the islands.  Cedarville Bay and Government Bay were good for seven to eight inch sunfish.  A few bluegills and rock bass were also taken.  Try small worms in five to seven feet.  Snows Channel reported lots of smaller pike and a few nice pike up to 31 inches caught when trolling crank baits or still-fishing with live chubs in early morning and late evening.  Moving west out of Snows Channel to Club Cut, a few walleye were caught adjacent to the golf course at Buoys 18 & 19 when drifting or slow trolling from the weed beds on the Marquette Island side back to the channel in eight to 12 feet.    


St. Ignace:  Anglers have caught good numbers of lake trout along with some pink and smaller Chinook around Mackinac Island.  Most of the lake trout were caught on dodgers with spin-glo’s and the salmon on spoons.  The salmon seem to be scattered at different depths with high lines and riggers both producingfish.  The Carp River has still not seen a big push of salmon yet.  The fish are still concentrated off the mouth of the river.  A few pike were caught by salmon anglers but most were undersize.  Chinook are also staging off the mouth of Nunn’s Creek.  There are still a lot of gill nets in St. Martin’s Bay and they are prevalent around the mouth of the Carp River and Nunn’s Creek.  

Fishing Tip: Using Trout Trails to really enjoy Michigan's fall fishing

Michigan’s autumn months can be an ideal time to hit a lake, river or stream for some fantastic fishing. For those who are eager to target trout, the department’s Trout Trails online application can be a helpful tool when planning a trip.

Trout Trails features biologist-verified trout waters that are often lesser known. The application currently features nearly 200 locations hitting many corners of the state; including the southeast, southwest and northern parts of the Lower Peninsula and the western and central parts of the Upper Peninsula.

Each location on the Trout Trails application features detailed descriptions and photos – with more locations being added each year it’s a great resource to bookmark to help you plan all your trout fishingtrips! 

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NDYakanglers Brilliant Kayak Angling Setup

So I've seen this video before and shared it on Facebook.  However  hadn't shared it here on the blog. Since I'm coming up with ideas for my rigging on my yak I figured it's time to share it with you all.  NDYakangler has by far the most creative way of rigging his kayak.  Take your time and check out this video and pay special attention to how he rigged his gopro cameras.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Michigan Weekly Fishing Report: September 8, 2016

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Weekly Fishing Report

September 8, 2016
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fishing mapSouthwest Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportSoutheast Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportNortheast Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportNorthwest Lower Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportUpper Peninsula Weekly Fishing ReportUpper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report
With rain and cooler temperatures by weeks end, look for salmon to be heading into the river systems.  Those fishing lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior are catching trout and salmon.  On the inland lakes, anglers are catching bluegills, crappie, perch, bass, pike, rock bass and some walleye.  

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie:  Anglers are bringing in good catches of yellow perch and the fish are beginning to move shallower.  Most are using perch rigs or spreaders with minnows near the bottom in 20 to 23 feet near Buoys 1 & 2 of the River Raisin, out from Bolles Harbor near the E-Buoy and straight out from Stony Point in 21 to 25 feet.  Largemouth bass were caught around the rocks near Bolles Harbor and Sterling State Park’s Army Corps of Engineers Pier with tube baits, lizards and various crank baits.  Shore anglers fishing the lagoons at Sterling State Park caught largemouth bass on curly tail jigs and small bluegills, rock bass, and channel cats crawlers.  Rock bass and freshwater drum were caught near Pointe Mouillee.  

Detroit River:  Those targeting bass found a few fish along the weed beds in the early morning or evening.  Yellow perch fishing was still slow but some were taken on perch rigs with shiners around the islands and down near the mouth.  Catfish have also been caught.  

Oakland County:  Bass fishing slowed on both Cass and Union Lake.  Those doing the best were fishing the weed lines in eight to 12 feet.  Though catch rates were inconsistent, Union Lake was producing some nice bluegills.  Those trolling harnesses or crank baits caught few walleye but good numbers of pike, rock bass and panfish.  

Lake St. Clair:  Those fishing the southern part caught smallmouth bass in 18 feet near the Dumping Grounds when casting gray and purple tube jigs.  Fish were also caught in 18 to 20 feet near the South Channel and in front of the 400 Club when drop-shotting green, pumpkin and watermelon lures or when drifting crawlers and spinners.  Some large perch and a couple walleye were taken in 18 feet north of the St. Clair light with a crawler harness.  On the north end, fishing was slower with only a few large or smallmouth bass caught in Bouvier Bay in three to eight feet while casting spinners, when drop-shotting tube baits around Brandenburg or casting crank baits near Selfridge.  A couple smallmouth were caught between the purple building and the water tower on the west side of Anchor Bay in 12 feet.  Pike were caught around Grassy Island.  A few yellow perch and bluegills were caught about a half mile out from Selfridge when drifting worms over the weed beds. 

St. Clair River:   A few walleye were caught in the Middle Channel in 18 feet of water while a trolling purple and chartreuse crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers but many were undersize.  

Lexington to Port Sanilac:  Boat anglers heading out reported spotty catch rates with only a few lake trout, steelhead and walleye caught.  Fish were scattered throughout the water column in 50 to 120 feet and hitting on orange spoons.  

Grindstone City:  Those heading straight north found lake trout, steelhead, walleye and pink salmon in 100 to 140 feet.  The lake was stirred up because of windy conditions so there was no specific thermocline and the fish were scattered.  One boat traveled 35 miles north to the Yankee Reef and caught lake trout when vertical jigging large silver or chartreuse spoons instead of trolling.  


Saginaw Bay:  Perch fishing was pretty much all anyone was doing.  The hot spot was between the Saganing and Pinconning Bars in 14 to 16 feet.  Boats were launching at either Eagle Bay or Gambil’s Marina.  Other good spots included the Black Hole, Sailboat Buoys A, B, D, or G, along the shipping channel at Buoy 22 and the two buoys past Spoils Island.  Most fish were 8 to 10 inches.  

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph:  Had good salmon fishing for those trolling in 100 to 130 feet.  Those trolling the piers also caught a decent number of fish on spoons and J-plugs.  Pier anglers caught salmon and steelhead on shrimp and crawlers under a bobber or when casting spoons.  Perch fishing was slow as the fish were scattered in 10 to 60 feet. 


St. Joseph River:  Was producing some salmon for those trolling spoons.  

South Haven:  Salmon fishing was slow.   A few were caught on spoons in 100 feet however most of the fish taken were steelhead and lake trout.  Pier fishing was slow and perch fishing was slow.    

Black River:  Those trolling did manage to catch a few salmon on spoons.

Grand Haven:  Boat anglers caught salmon when trolling the channel and out in front of the piers.  Most were taken 25 to 65 feet down in 110 to 180 feet with orange, green and blue spoons.  Pier anglers caught salmon and a couple steelhead when casting spoons or still-fishing with alewives.  

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  Anglers are picking up a few salmon and steelhead near the Sixth Street Dam with spawn, spinners, thunder sticks, flies and Cleo’s.  A fair to good number of catfish have also been caught.  

Rogue River:  Anglers have caught a couple trout and salmon.  

Wabasis Lake:  In Kent County was producing bluegills.  For crappie try minnows.  The perch bite usually improves during the month of September.     

Grand River at Lansing:  While some are starting to target salmon others are still targeting bass, catfish and even crappie.  Check below the dams for bass or the occasional walleye.   

Muskegon:  Those trolling in and near the harbor caught a few salmon on plugs.  Those trolling the top 70 feet in 100 to 200 feet also caught fish on orange and green spoons with white flies.  Pier anglers caught a few salmon when casting glow spoons.  

Whitehall:  Anglers caught salmon 30 to 60 feet down in 60 to 120 feet with green plugs and meat rigs.  Pier anglers caught a couple salmon when casting spoons or jigging.  

White Lake:  Anglers are catching bluegills and perch in 12 to 25 feet with perch and crappie rigs tipped with a wax worm.  

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Mackinaw City:  Fishing slowed as most of the large Chinook were moving past Mackinac Island to their staging areas.  A few smaller Chinook and pink salmon were taken spoons.  Lake trout fishing was still good for those using dodgers and spin-glo’s in the area.  

Cheboygan:  A few boat anglers had some good catches of Chinook salmon caught when trolling from the Cheboygan River to a half mile out near the shipping channel.  A lot of boats got zero to three fish and many struggled.  Most were taken in 40 to 90 feet with J-plugs, flashers and flies or the occasional spoon.  A few lake trout and pink salmon were caught by those traveling further out to Spectacle Reef and Cordwood Point.    A good number of bigger pike were caught by those bass fishing or trolling for salmon between the mouth of the river and the Coast Guard Station.  

Cheboygan River:  Still has only a few Chinook salmon present.  A couple fish were taken on body baits but the majority were taken by those drifting skein.  Some caught a few walleye, rock bass, smallmouth bass, bullhead, longnose gar and catfish. Smallmouth bass numbers are lower than most expect this time of year and the fish were smaller 14 to 16 inches.  

Mullett Lake:  Walleye fishing picked up and those targeting the “Humps” area did well when trolling when trolling a crawler harness and body baits on the bottom.  Hot colors were green, chartreuse, pink and silver crawler harnesses.  Perch fishing picked up as well with some getting 10 to 20 keepers per trip when using minnows and worms in Pigeon River Bay.  Steelhead fishing was slow with one or two fish per trip.  

Rogers City:  Boat anglers should have a great week for fishing as south, southwest and southeast winds will push the thermocline up higher in the water column.  Chinook are staging off Swan Bay but still out in deeper water.  Try 50 to 90 feet with lines run throughout the water column an hour before sunrise and after dark.  Calcite, Swan Bay and Adams Point were good places to use spoons, J-plugs, flashers with squid, flies and cut bait or spoons.  Hot colors were green, blue, orange, black and white, purple and glow for a mixed bag of trout, salmon and walleye.  

Presque Isle:  Cold water arrived and anglers were getting a mixed bag of salmon, steelhead, lake trout, and walleye.  The salmon are coming very early before daylight or late in the evening.  Lakers and everything else were caught throughout the water column with spoons, J-plugs, flashers with squid, flies and cut bait in the same colors as Rogers City.  Try 50 to 120 feet north of the harbor between the lighthouses and south towards Stoneport and False Presque Isle.  

Higgins Lake:  Lake trout were caught in 85 to 100 feet.  Fish were marked along the bottom and about 20 feet up.  Try meat rigs with live bait, cowbells and dodgers.  Lots of rock bass are still being caught.  

Houghton Lake:  Walleye were caught along the weed beds in 12 feet when trolling a harness with crawlers or leeches.  Good bluegill action along the weeds in nine feet with leaf worms, leeches or wax worms.  Some nice crappie were caught on pink and purple jigs with minnows.  Bass fishing continues throughout the lake.  

Tawas:  Had very good walleye and steelhead fishing with spoons and crank baits in 50 to 60 feet off the Crib at Alabaster and lakeward of Buoy #2.  Fishing was slow for both pier and river anglers.  

Au Gres:  Those trolling for walleye found a few fish north of Big Charity Island.  Perch fishing has taken center stage with some good catches in 31 feet around the Steeples, 40 to 59 feet near the NOAA Weather Buoy and 40 to 50 feet south and southeast of the hotel on Point Au Gres.  

Au Gres River:  Some perch were caught in the lower river however anglers were doing a lot of sorting.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Petoskey:  Was producing Chinook and coho.  Most boats were fishing in front of the breakwall to Bay Harbor.  Salmon were caught 40 to 70 feet down in 100 to 120 feet. Lake trout were caught 100 feet down or more.  Green spoons with cut bait seemed to work best.  Pier anglers are now targeting salmon in the early morning or at night with spawn bags and worms.  

Bear River:  Fishing was slow with the lower levels and the warm water temperatures.  Anglers are waiting for colder temps and some rain, which usually increases salmon activity below the dam.  A couple rock bass and very small steelhead and brown trout were caught on spawn bags and worms near the dam.   

Charlevoix:  Boat anglers were catching salmon and lake trout when they can get out.  Lake trout were about 110 feet down and the salmon up higher between North Point and the cement plant.  Water temperatures were cooling at the deeper depths.  Smallmouth fishing in the channel was hit-or-miss for those using worms and leeches.  

Traverse City:  Anglers targeting smallmouth did well south of the M-37 launch in the East Bay with most averaging between one and three pounds.  Salmon were caught along the drop at the south end near Acme.  Chinook, coho and lake trout were caught near Deepwater Point.  On the West Bay, salmon were caught in front of the Boardman River when trolling or jigging.  Chinook, coho and lake trout were caught near the white walls or south of the M-22 launch.  A couple fish showed up in the river and were caught near the Union Street Dam.  Smallmouth bass, some planter rainbows and a few perch were also caught. 

Platte River:  The lower weir is up and running and staff have already started passing fish.  There were reports of schools of fish near the mouth of the river.  

Manistee:  Surface water readings were about 69 degrees.  Chinook were caught closer to shore in 50 to 90 feet.  Some were caught off the piers and in the channel.  Dredging continues.  

Manistee Lake:  Anglers were taking a good number of bluegills and sunfish with worms and crawlers.  The buoys have been put in near the Stronach launch.  These buoys mark the area where anglers are not allowed to fish which is from the buoys to the mouth of the Little Manistee River.  

Big Manistee River:  Had a decent number of salmon that have moved up into the river.  Those putting in extra time were the ones taking fish.  Most were caught on crank baits in the deeper holes along the lower river.  

Ludington:  Chinook salmon were caught up close in 50 to 90 feet.  A couple steelhead were taken in 150 feet.  

Pere Marquette River:  Had a push of salmon.  Those fishing the deeper holes have caught fish.  Look for more fish to move in with the rain and cooler temperatures.   

Pentwater:  Salmon were caught 30 to 60 feet down in 60 to 100 feet with orange and green spoons or blue and green plugs.  

Pentwater Lake:  Anglers caught crappie in 10 to 20 feet with a slip bobber and perch minnows.

Upper Peninsula

Menominee River:  Continues to produce walleye.  Shore anglers are fishing crank baits on the bottom.  Pike, smallmouth bass, freshwater drum and crappie were also caught.  

Little Bay De Noc:  Walleye were caught in the Stonington area when trolling crank baits or crawler harnesses in 18 to 35 feet.  Those caught between the Second and Third Reefs were smaller.  Fair to good pike catches for those using spoons, spinners and crank baits around Butler Island and north to the head of the Bay in eight to 14 feet.  Perch fishing was spotty with a few caught near the green buoy by the Day’s River in 18 to 25 feet, Gladstone beach area in 20 to 30 feet and south to the mouth of the Escanaba Yacht Harbor when using minnows along the break.  

Big Bay De Noc:  Walleye anglers reported very little action as smallmouth bass have moved in to the Round Island area.  Those targeting them reported fair to good catches between Ripley Shoals and Round Island with minnows, crawlers, plastics and spinners in 10 to 14 feet.  The head of the Bay and Ogontz had mostly undersize fish while those fishing Garden Bluff caught bigger but fewer fish.  

Marquette: Had good lake trout fishing with many getting limit catches near the white rocks and Granite Island.  Very few coho were caught.  Anglers are starting to make their way to the rivers.  A few salmon were caught in the Carp and the Chocolay Rivers with crawlers, spinners and spawn.  No reports of any salmon in the Dead River, only a couple pike and smallmouth bass caught.  

St. Ignace:  Had a good number of lake trout along with a few Chinook and pink salmon being caught by those trolling around Mackinac Island and in front of St. Ignace.  Lake trout were caught on everything but dodgers and spin-glo’s worked best.  Most of the larger fish that are going to spawn this year are now staging in St. Martins Bay and getting ready to run up the Carp River, Pine River and Nunn’s Creek.  Very few sport anglers are targeting the salmon here and anyone that does would need to keep watch for the commercial nets because there are a lot of them in the bay right now.  There has not been a good push of Chinook or pink salmon into the Carp River yet but it could be any day at this point.  A few perch along with some walleye and pike are still being caught in the Carp River.  Most pike are coming on artificial body baits and spoons while the perch and walleye are coming on crawlers and body baits.  

Fishing Tip: Fall crappie fishing...difficult, but not impossible

Although plentiful and easy to fish for in the summer, crappie can be difficult to target as the weather cools off. Difficult…but not impossible. 

One thing anglers should do is look for good water as crappie can be found in areas with higher oxygen content. For instance, target spots where streams dump into the lake or areas where the lake has yet to turn over. You could also head towards locations where the wind and waves are strongest. 

Another thing for anglers to remember is to pay attention to the weather. When it’s very sunny out crappie will stick close to the bottom, but when it’s cloudy they’re likely to be within a few feet of the surface. 

And lastly, try a variety of baits when you’re out crappie fishing. These should include bright, flashy lures during poor visibility and live bait during periods of lake turnover. It’s hard for crappie to turn down a jig tipped with a minnow.


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