Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Product Review: Bass Pro Shops Kermy Frog

Company Desciption:  Guaranteed to bring Miss Hawggy charging in for a place at the dinner table. The Bass Pro Shops® Kermy Frog features an incredibly realistic body design cutting through the wind and lands belly-down, ready to start kickin' its way through the heaviest cover. Superactive silicone rubber legs respond to every movement of your rod tip. Exciting blowups await!

Features & Benefits:

  • Realistic body design
  • Superactive silicone rubber legs
  • Heavy Gauge Sharp Hooks

Review: The Bass Pro Shops Kermy is the budget hollow bodied frog that I'll buy whenever they go on sale.  At $2.99 on sale its a price you cant beat.  It's often said that you get what you pay for but in this case I think it would be misstated.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure people have had some quality control issues with this frog.  But for me I havent had a problem with them at all.  In fact I've used the same frog the last two years with no problems.  It hasnt begun taking on water, the belly weight hasnt flown out and it still rights itself when it lands upside down.  All of this and I've caught at minimum twenty bass on this frog.

The hooks are stout and sharp out of the package.  In fact after fishing last years season with it I checked the hooks and they weren't bad, hence the reason I fished the same black Kermy frog this year. I can honestly say I didnt lose any fish due to dull hooks on this frog and the fish I lost on this frog were due to me setting the hook too soon or having too much vegetation in the way of the hook set.

The only downside I've noticed about the Kermy hollow bodied frog is that the paint job doesnt last very long.  Don't get me wrong its a good looking frog out of the package but over time the paint comes off, which I expected.

The overall action of the frog is pretty good, much like any other hollow bodied frog.  However it's not the easiest frog to walk the dog with.  But with eventually I figured it out.

Overall the Bass Pro Shops Kermy frog gets a 5 stars for me simply because it does the one thing I want a hollow bodied frog to do.  Catch Fish!!

How I Used: I fished the frog over thick scum mats, lilly pads and even from the bank into open water.  When fishing in cover like mats and pads I fished it relatively slow so bass could zero in on the bait with no probems.

Set Up: 6ft. 6 inch Medium Berkley Lightning casting rod with a Abu Garcia Silver max reel spooled with 45lb braided line

Colors: 15 colors available
Length: 2 3/8'
Weight: 5/8 oz.

Price: $6.99 (2.99 during the fishing classic)

Pros: At 5/8 oz. the Kermy cast long distances.  As well it has held up very well for me, in fact I've fished the same black Kermy two years in a row without it taking on water or losing the belly weight.  Bass pro did a great job with this hollow bodied frog.

Cons: The only con I've found with the Bass Pro Shops Kermy frog is the fact that the paint job doesn't too long.  After a fair amount of fishing the paint begins to wear off. 


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