Saturday, March 14, 2015

Product Review: Abu Garcia Silvermax

Company Description:  Lightweight, powerful, and precisely designed, this attractive and affordable Abu Garcia® Silver Max™ Low-Profile Baitcast Reel gives you everything you need, including a handy flipping switch so you can make quick short casts to cover. Other features include five Ball Bearings plus Instant Anti-Reverse™ bearing, graphite frame and sideplates, Power Disk™ drag system, Duragear™ brass gears, and MagTrax™ brake system.
  • Handy flipping switch
  • Five Ball Bearings plus Instant Anti-Reverse bearing
  • Graphite frame and sideplates
  • Power Disk drag system
  • Duragear brass gears
  • MagTrax brake system
Gear Ratio: 6.4:1
Line Capacity: 12/145
Braid Capacity: 30/130
Ball Bearings: 5+1
Max Drag: 15 Lbs.
Recovery: 28" Per Turn
Reel Weight (oz): 8

Review:  This is the first baitcaster I've owned and have to say I love it. I bought it specifically for frog fishing in thick weeds and lily pads and I have to say it worked out great.  The drag is pretty smooth for those times when I just happen to have had a couple of large pike explode on my frog. As well it's design and braking system are simple, so not too many bells and whistles to confuse someone new to using bait casting reels. I paired it with a Berkley Lightning six foot medium action rod (I know not the best for heavy weeds and pads but good for multiple uses).  I spooled it with 30lb Spiderwire Stealth braid and it worked out great.  I used this reel for both frogging and spinnerbait fishing and had a blast.
I would definitely buy another Abu Garcia Silvermax and recommend them to anyone in the market for baitcasting reel.

Pros:  It's pretty inexpensive and durable for the price.  The drag is smooth and holds up pretty well against larger fish.

Cons: The only con I found was that when the drag was completely locked down it would some times loosen up when pulling in fish covered in weeds.

Price: $59.99

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Quick Visit to the New Field & Stream Store In Michigan

    So I had a bit of free time today and decided I'd take a trip out to the new Field and Stream store that just opened here in Metro Detroit.  When I pulled up I expected the parking lot to be overflowing however though it was very close to being full there were a few spots available up close.  I believe this was because the soft opening was earlier this week and not really publicized like the actual grand opening which is set for March 26th.  On that day I'm sure there will be a lot of shoppers taking in all that the Field and Stream store has to offer.

When you walk in to the store you’re greeted by a beautiful mount depicting a pack of wolves fighting with a brown bear over a moose carcass.  Not only are you greeted by that scene but there is someone at the door to great you with a smile and answer any questions you may have. 

As you walk down the center aisle it situated much like a Cabelas or Basspro store with clothing on either side of the path leading you down the aisle to a mountain of mounts at the rear of the store.  The mountain is absolutely beautiful as you’d expect with a myriad of animals looking down at you from various positions and poses. 

From the mountain a quick turn right and you’re headed straight into the fishing area which is where I headed.  Field and Stream has no shortage of fishing product for you to browse through and purchase. The rods and reels are all situated by brand in the back right corner of the store while aisles of baits are situated by use just like any other large outdoors store.  However unlike some of the larger stores they have a pretty decent selection of fly tying materials for those of us who tie and fly fish.

Once you’re done in the fishing section and making your way to the front of the store between the fishing sections you’ll head right through camping supplies and into the area with canoes and kayaking supplies.  For those of us who kayak fish they have a pretty good selection of supplies for us.  From what I see their primary brand is Old Town but I’ll have to do a bit of research to see if that is who makes their F&S brand yaks and canoes.

When you head across the store you head over to the hunting section which has a large selection of hunting equipment.  For those of us there a small archery range for trying out bows and crossbows.  Of which they carry quite a few. When I was there they were giving turkey calling demonstrations which was pretty interesting for me the novice turkey hunter. 

As for the gun section they have a large section of firearms to choose from.  And guess what?  Field
and Stream has ammo for everything including the every elusive .22 rimfire.

All in all the trip was well worth it especially since I was able to snag some Berkley trout bait for the trout fishing opener at Proud Lake this year.  I’ll definitely be going on for the actual grand opening on the 26th of this month.

Field & Stream
Oakland Mall
750 W. 14 Mile Road
Troy, MI. 48083
(248) 581- 8028

Monday - Saturday 9am to 9pm
Sunday 10am to 8pm



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