Friday, April 17, 2015

Finally Got Out To Fish A Bit

Finally, I got a chance to get out and do some fishing today.  After having the itch for the last few weeks I was able to sneak out for a bit after work today.  The day started with me throwing a couple rods in the car and grabbing a light tray of baits before I headed in for work this morning with the intention of sneaking in some fishing directly after work.  With rods and bait box packed I went to work trying to keep as busy as possible so quitting time would come as soon as possible.

Unfortunately as it always does quitting time took forever to arrive but when it did I disappeared
without a goodbye to the coworker bees and headed to Newburgh lake to harass whatever would be willing to bite. Less than ten minutes after getting off and I'm at the lake slow rolling spinner baits  hoping for a hungry bass or pike.  20 minutes in and I've caught nothing but a wet jacket because of the in and out rain we had today. Neither the spinnerbait nor the bitsy bug looked very enticing to the resident bass so I decided to switch out for a basspro XTS-Vibrator lipless crankbait in the tilapia.  Just two quick cast later and "Smack" fish on.  of course my assumption is this has to be a nice 17 inch bass or better because of how aggressive the bite was but low and behold the first bass of the year and it's a twelve incher with Napoleonic Disorder

Overall the fishing was a bit slow with me only catching 3 more bass and losing 2 closer to the bank, all of which were  pretty small ranging between 12 and 14 inches.  But all in all it was a great trip out.


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