Monday, September 19, 2016

Special Delivery! September 2016 Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

I received my mystery tackle box today and I couldn't be more happy. Why? Because the fall bite is on and crank baits are the ticket this time of year. Apparently the team at Mystery Tackle Box considered this and sent me two this month, one shallow diving crank bait and one deep diving crank bait.  Couple that with last months Lucky Craft jerk bait, my spring and fall crank bait box will be pretty set.  So, without anymore rambling from me, below is the list of items that came in my September 2016 Mystery Tackle Box.

Skinny Bear: Deep Crank 2.5
Color: Sexy (10 colors to choose from)
Price: $11.99

Baker Lures: RGD0 Series SuspendingCrankbait
Color: Gold Bass (28 colors to choose from)
Price: $5.49

B8Lab:  5 inch Ultimate Strike Minnow
Color: Pumpkin Red Flake (10 colors to choose from)
Price: $6.50 per 5pack

Big Bite Baits: 4 Inch Salt Tube
Color: Salt & Pepper Smoke (11 Colors to choose from)
Price: $2.20

Daiichi: D239-4/0-2 Fat Gap Offset Worm Hook
Price: $3.50

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