Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Troutmagnet.com Order Has Arrived

In my June Mystery Tackle Box I received an item that on first glanced I thought was a cheep bait that I probably wouldn't add to my permanent tackle box.  However this bait actually performed very well for me in some clear water conditions with finicky bass. So I decided I'd watch it and grab a few on the first chance I got.  That bait is the Thunder Hawk Soft Crank and it just so happened that the price on this bait had dropped in the last few weeks from $2.99 to $1.00.   So I figured it was high time I grab a few of these guys to add to my arsenal of lipless crankbaits.

What's unique about the Thunder Hawk Soft Crank is the fact that they have a soft silicone body.  However I don't think that's what made this bait successful for me when fishing with it. It's the fact that this bait is silent and doesn't have a super shiny surface that caught me fish.  It was simply a shad, not a super glossy shad or a knocking, rattling or talking shad.  The Thunder Hawk soft crank is just a plain shad and that is what landed me several decent smallmouth bass on a day when nothing else would land a finicky clear water bass. So I ordered a few in every color they had available.

Not only did I grab the soft cranks but I also ordered a few Thunder Hawk Dancer bodies, which are just small paddletail swimbaits which I'm sure will net me quite a few crappie, white bass and large bluegill in the kayak this year.  I think I'm gonna place another order for more of these in a couple weeks after I come back from my vacation.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!

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