Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tied Up A Few Wooly Bugger Jigs For My Jig Box

I took a look in my tackle bag today so could do some organizing and cleaning.  However when I looked in it, I found that quite a few of my tackle boxes were unorganized and junky.  Not only that, but my jig box was looking quite empty at the moment. In fact I was completely out of wooly bugger jigs. Mostly because I had given several away when I was last out chasing smallmouth through the rocky shallows of a local river. As well the two I had left were attached to spinners making modified beetle spins.

So, I took to tying up a few bugger jigs in brown,  black and white. I ended up with four of each color in the box when done.  Which all will workout great for me when I'm out on some of the smaller rivers and streams around here.  The brown jigs will make great imitations of smaller crayfish.  The black jigs will imitate young crayfish as well as hellgrammites, which I still haven't come up with a better pattern for.  As for the white bugger jigs, I often attach those to single spinner blades making them into modified beetle spins.  These modified beetle spins do great for any minnow eating fish like bass, crappy and whtie bass.
In the coming days I'll be tying a few more colors and sharing them with you all.  So stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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