Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Even My Job is Eager For Bow Season

Every now and then I go for walk around my job just to get away from my desk for a few minutes. My walk abouts usually include me perusing the kitchens on other floors just to see who has the better snacks. However today I went to a floor that I rarely go to, the camping themed floor, and to my surprise when I get to the kitchen I see this.  A beautiful fathead of a perfectly symmetrical ten point buck.  It's official, my job is ready for hunting season and it has infected me with buck fever.

I'll be grabbing this fathead for the mancave pretty soon because this one is too good to pass up. Hopefully I'll bag a deer this year that will be worthy of a custom fathead to go next to this one.

Thanks for reading and good luck out there this fall.

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