Monday, May 9, 2016

They're Back! White Bass Are Officially Running In The Detroit River

I've been waiting on this day to come since the beginning of the year. What day,you may ask? It's not really a day, but more of a time... It's the beginning of the white bass run.  The white bass run starts right around Mother's Day and ends right after the Mayfly hatch in June. Yes, the stars have aligned, dogs and cats are in harmony across the world and the white bass are in the Detroit River by the thousands, eager to bite anything that looks like a minnow.

I couldn't wait to start chasing the white bass and today was a good beginning to the frenzy that is white bass fishing.  I got down to Elizabeth Park, in Trenton, Michigan just in time to see the sun coming up over Grosse Isle.  I was lucky enough to not have to be into work for a few hours and wanted to start the day off right.  Michigan Headhunter was already there with eight fish on the stringer and a big grin on his face as he was reeling in another.  Yes, white bass fishing brings out the child in all of us.

I wasted no time tying on a chartreuse and white 3/8th oz bucktail jig and casting into the current.  A five count to get the bait into the strike zon, a few twitches of the rod tip and "FISH ON!"  This fish was the beginning of me catching about 35 fish in 40 minutes, most of which I released.  not long after, I had a decent stringer full of fish and plenty of time to make it to work.  Needless to say, it was a perfect beginning to the white bass run.

Thanks for reading and tight lines...

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