Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 2016 Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

My second Mystery Tackle Box (MTB) has arrived.  With great excitement I opened this box eager to see what was in it.  There were two items in the box that I can't wait to try.  The Savage Gear Armor Tube worm because it's touted to not tear off of your hook as easy as most plastic worms when fished wacky rig style and the Sebile Swingtail Minnowm, because it has a unique weighting system located below the front treble hook. 

Here is a closer look at hte baits that came in my May MTB. 
Can't wait until June to see what comes in that box.  I'm also still debating in if I should start doing MTB Slams.  

Sebile: Swingtail Minnow
Company Description: The Swingtail Minnow is a floating jointed minnow bait offered in three sizes an dnine colors.  Ideal when fishing shallow water, jointed baits cause bass to react, especially when paused intermittently. Cast the bait and retrieve to the desired depth pausing occasionally and allowing the bait to slowly float to the surface. Alter the pause time and rerieval speed to match the fish's activity level.
Colors: Rainbow Trout (available in 9 colors)
Size: 3 1/4" (available also in 2 3/4" and 4")
Weight: available in 1/4oz, 1/2oz, & 5/8oz.
Price: 7.99

Savage Gear: Armor Tube Worm
Company Description: Salt and scent enriched the Armor Tube Worm finally solves the problem with wacky rigging stick worms. No more one fish baits, or baits flying off on a cast after a fish or two. We have placed an armor mesh patch just for wacky rigging. No more tools and O-rings or going through bags of worms in one day.
Colors: Baby Bass (available in 11 colors)
Size: 5.5"
Price: $5.19 (8 pack)

Penetration Hooks: G Hook
Company Description: Designed to fish top water, standing grass and Texas / Carolina rigs. The "G" hook uses the penetration 2/0 design with our lightest wire and the penetration hooks barb. The length of the hook puts it back further on the bait and closer to the body of the bait to help stop short strikes and give better hook sets. The "G" hook is for when you need to finesse fish when you  are in grass or weeds and need to help keep trash from between the hook and the bait. The "G" hook is designed for small diameter baits like the Zoom Trick Wrom, Creme 7 inch ribbon tail, Gambler 7 inch floating worm or the shakey worm.  The low profile will help hide the hook. The"G" will work on a few baits that are longer with the small diameter plastic.  Designed for all plastic worms, lizards, creature baits and soft jerk baits. This hook really works well for the 7 inch and smaller plastic baits.
Size: 2/0
Price: $3.99 (5 pack)

Lucky Craft: Wake Tail
Company Description: The new Wake Tail is part of the next generation of topwater baits from Lucky Craft.  The features of this bait include a ball bearing mounted prop for super smooth action, the weight transfer systerm, which maximizes casting distance, and a feather tail, to create an attack point. This 3.25 inch, 3/8 oz. bait is designed to be wakled, ripped or fished stop and go.  The Wake Tail represents another effective tool that topwater fishermen can add to their aresenal.
Color: Aurora Pro Blue (available in 17 colors)
Size: 3 1/4" & 3/8oz.
Price: $14.99

Bass Munitions: Trip Worm 
Company Description: Beefy trick worm that when rigged on a shakey head will stand up between a 60-90 degree angle.  The floating formula gives this bait an inviting action to bass.  Rocket Fuel Scent is cooked in for extreme underwater scent production.
Color: Green Pumpkin (available in 8 colors)
Size: 7 1/4"
Price: $4.79 (7 pack)

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