Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Post Office Fishing

Midway through my twelve hour work day, I decided to detox by getting in a little fishing after work.  I took some time thinking about where I'd go once I was finally off. The first place that popped in my head was behind the main post office on Fort St. The post office is about ten minutes from work and it's never crowded, so I would have a spot to fish. As soon as work was over, I walked to the parking structure and set off to my after work adventure.

I pulled up to the fishing spot to find 50 people in the first 30 yards of the Detroit  Riverwalk, but I was so excited to finally be off work that it didn't even matter. I grabbed my pole and box of bucktails from the backseat and headed to squeeze in where I could. I decided to use a black and white bucktail (pictured above).

My first few cast  didn't get as much as a nibble, but I figured that might be the case. I had to  figure out the depth the fish are sitting at. I know the Detroit River behind the post office quickly drops to well over twenty feet, so I decided to drop my bait to 18 feet to be in the strike zone.  I used a 3/8 ounce jig head which drops at about a foot per second I start counting to eighteen.  Once I hit the count of eighteen, I twitched the rod and "Fish On!" I'd caught my first white bass of the day.  Within five casts, I caught and released 3 white bass.  After about my seventh fish, I had a guy down from me get mad because I was releasing the fish.  "If you're just gonna throw them back you can give them to me!", he says. I replied with a smile and the release of another fish. I didn't really understand the logic behind his attitude because there are plenty of fish in the river to be caught. I fished for a half an hour, but I ended up catching about twenty white bass. Today was a good day...

Thanks for reading and tight lines.

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