Saturday, October 19, 2013

Product Review: Reef Runner Cicada

Description:  A darting flutter action on the fall and unmatched vibration patterns when retrieved make this lure a fish-catcher.  Its bug-like appearance and concave blade produce vibration patterns no other lure can duplicate to attract fish sonically and visually. The cicada comes in 18 different color patterns and 6 sizes.

Sizes: 1/16 oz, 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz

Colors: 18 color patterns available but the cicada is easily customizeable with reflective tape.

Review: I can't say enough good things about this bait.  It puts off so much vibration that it seems to call fish to it which is absolutely awesome.A great bait for just about ay species. I've caught perch, largemouth, smallmouth, crappy, sunfish white bass and catfish all on this bait.  I've caught fish on both gold and the silver cicadas.  The gold one seems to be better in murky water, in fact I lost my gold one to a catfish while fishing in murky lake water.   In the picture to the left all of the white bass were caught with the silver cicada.  The double hooks rather than trebles actually do a good job of keeping the the bait from snagging.  The cicada can be either jigged or retrieved steadily which ads to it's versatility.

How I Used:  I fished the reef runner cicada on an ultra-light Berkley Cherrywood fishing rod and a Quantum Optix 30 reel spooled with 6lb flourocarbon P-line . A steady retrieve landed me over 60 white bass 5 smallmouth bass and one catfish in a few hours.


  • Extremely versatile bait that catches anything swimming.  Also is very easy to use.
  • Because of the flat sides of the cicada, when the paint or reflective tape rubs off, its pretty easy to customize the color pattern with any reflective tape you like. 
  • The cicada can be used in multiple ways from straight retrieves to jigging.  
  • Jigging the cicada is a good cold water tactic as well as a good tactic for catching walleye and lake trout.

Cons: This bait should be attached to the line using a swivel and clasp if you tie it directly to the line after a while the bait tends to cut the line slowly making it more apt to break off on any structure.

Price: 3.09 - 4.59

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