Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Biggest Largemouth Bass To Date

Today was an exciting day for me. It started with me taking the time to explore Ford Lake, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on foot.  See, I've been thinking about hitting this lake on my float tube all summer long but haven't had time to do it.  In fact the only time I've had to fish it was this spring when I was chasing carp with corn. (I'll be sure to show you my set up for that another time.)
But today was my day to fish it on foot and hopefully if we get a few more of these 70 degree days I'll break out my float tube and fish some of the less pressured areas.  So I loaded up my book bag of newly tied hair jigs I'd been itching to try and a couple of other of my usual standbys.  Well to say the least I had a few chases on the sluggo that overall turned out nothing. Then finally when I'm headed out I decided to try out a jig I tied up last night in hopes of landing a few smallmouth bass.  Well, that got me a few follows from smallmouth but because the water was super clear as soon as the fish got sight of me they turned tail.
Well I finally was on my last little spot under a bridge where I eyed a smallmouth bass sitting under a rock ledge.  One pitch past the ledge and a few hops back up to it and the small mouth ran away from my jig. With the clear water conditions I could see it all and at the time the smallie spooked my jig was sucked under the ledge into a hole I couldn't see.  So with the feel of a bump I set the hook and all heck broke lose.  She took off like bat out of you know where going airborne then making an attempt at taking me under a bridge pile on.  Can you say, fun times on 6 lb test line and an ultra-light rod and reel.  About 4 minutes later I had her in hand, my biggest largemouth bass to date.  The fish measured out at just over 18 inches but I'm not sure what it weighed, I'm guessing around 4lbs, but it was worth almost getting skunked today and even more gratifying cause I caught it on a jig I tied myself.  Let me know what you guys think this bass weighs?
Here is the link to the bunny leech jig I used to catch this bass.  How To Tie The Bunny Leech Jig

Thanks for reading
Kwan Stafford


  1. That's a really good catch...

  2. That's a fantastic fish, man! And a cool story.

    1. Thanks Marty, I appreciate you stopping through. I've been following you on youtube for quite a while, your vids are great!



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