Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Tie Bunny Leech Jig

The bunny leech is something decided to tie up after seeing a fly tied just like it for bass so I figured why not give it a try on a jig.  I figured the bunny leech jig would be a good bait to throw at smallmouth on some pressured water I fish.  It's not the most beautiful jig in the world but it's effective.  My first time fishing it was this past weekend in a lake I've been itching to fish for quite while.  Despite the gin clear waters this bait produced the biggest largemouth I've ever caught.  So here is how I tie it.

Tying Trailer Hook (tie trailer first to make it easier)

1.  Wrap a base of thread from the hook eye along the hook shank to the point just below the point of the hook.

2.  Using hook point puncture through your zonker strip leaving a little to hang behind the hook.  This will help cover the hook as well as keep the zonker strip from moving separate from the hook when in the water.

3. Using the bobbin and thread wrap in the zonker strip in midway up the hook. Use only 2 or three wraps to do this.  Pull back the zonker strip and wrap the thread along the hook back to the eye of the hook and tie it off with a few whip finishes.

Attaching trailer to the jig:
1. Wrap a base of thread from the head of the jig along the hook shank to the point just below the point of the hook.  This base is wrapped in order to give the monofilament to grab when it is tied in to attach the trailer hook.

2. Tie in one side of the 8 inches of monofilament, or braided, line that you cut off, leaving a tag end of about an inch. Thread your #4 hook up the monofilament then wrap in the other side of the line leaving an additional 1 inch tag end.  When done with this step you should have your trailer hook neatly attached by a four inch monofilament loop.

3.  Pull back the two tag ends of mono and wrap along the two pieces with your bobbin and thread to further secure your trailer hook to the jig head.  It may seam like overkill but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Additionally you may won't to use a bit of zap-a-gap to secure this portion as well if you'd like.

4.  Wrap your thread back up to the head.  Next wrap in the front end of your zonker strip (Thats already attached to the trailer hook) leaving a little room to tie in the marabou collar.

5.  Wrap in the marabou collar.  Use hackle pliers if necessary to wrap the marabou forward (making sure to pull the fibers backward as you wrap so they don't wrap over each other) then lock the marabou in with a few wraps of thread.

6. Throw in few whip finishes and cut off your tag end of thread.  (Feel free to add some zap-a-gap for further security if you'd like)

This bait can either be jigged or swam.  Some people will cut off the jig's hook leaving only the trailer hook in order to lesson snags or to stay with whatever is legal in their state.  Either way this bait will be effective.  As well don't be afraid to try as many colors and color combos as you'd like and let me know how it turns out.  Thanks for reading and tolerating my not so perfect tying ability :)

Kwan Stafford

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