Sunday, October 6, 2013

Product Review: Matzuo Nano Minnow

Description: The matzuo Nano Minnow offers anglers the perfect downsized lure for those heavily fished waters where finicky fish prefer bite-sized baits.  The tight swimming action of theses lures resembles a fleeing minnow.  These versatile mini baits trigger powerful strikes from trout, bass, crappie and all other panfish.  These tiny floating lures are sure to become favorites among ultralight fishermen fishing tiny brooks and streams to larger ponds and lakes.

Additional Features include:

-Bright, prismatic finishes
-Durable Contoured Bodies
-Matzuo black chrome treble hooks with stainless steel split rings
-Realistic 3-D eyes
-Floating Lures Dive to 3 ft.
-Comes in sizes 2” and 2 ½”

Review:  This bait is great and will definitely be a permanent addition to my bait box.  (The color I used while fishing is the shiner pattern) The bait dives to between 3 and 4 feet when retrieved steadily.  But what is great and actually stimulated a few strikes for me is that the nano minnow suspends at that depth when you stop your retrieval.  Additionally the nano minnow has great action when being retrieved.  The bait wobbles and swerves  a bit erratically which fish can't resist.  I've seen both largemouth and crappy chase this bait down from behind structure. Over the course of two days of continual usage I caught 12 largemouth, 1 smallmouth, 15 white bass and 5 crappy. 

How I used:  I fished the nano minnow behind an ultra-light rod and a Quantum Optix 30 reel on 8lb line.  The flaw with this set up is that the line was a bit too heavy for the set up so I couldn't cast as far as I wanted with such a light crank bait.  In the future I'll be using the same rod but will switch out to a smaller reel with 4lb or 6lb line. 

Pros:  This bait catches anything and everything.

Cons: The bait job looks great but has started to come off a bit after using it.  As well because it is such a small bait even a small piece of grass attached to the hooks causes the bait to lose its action.  

Price: $3.99

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