Monday, April 11, 2022

Park Profile: Proud Lake Recreation Area

Every day we grind away at work, itching to get to the weekend so we can do something we love.  If you're reading this post then kayak fishing is one of the things you love and you can't wait to get on the water whenever possible. But when you can go kayak fishing, where do you go?  Do you fish in your normal haunts or do you try some place different? Maybe turn your fishing day trip into a kayak camping trip?  Possibly you try someplace where you can target some new species of fish.  No matter what you choose, you have to decide where you'd like to go fishing.

If you're in southeast Michigan, Proud Lake Recreation Area might just be the place you try out next.  With 104 acres of fishable water between upper and lower Proud lakes there are plenty of opportunities for you to land some fish.

Every spring the D.N.R. stocks brown and rainbow trout into the Huron river just below proud lake which draws quite a few anglers eager to catch a few trout on the fly.  Then there is the last Saturday in April which signals the opening of trout season and what some people call stock fest. This is the time when people can catch and keep the trout stocked in the Huron river and Proud lakes. This creates a unique fishing opportunity that only last a short time as anglers tend to fish the river out pretty quickly.  However, don't be dismayed because there are always a few big holdover trout hiding in the depths Proud Lake waiting to be tempted by a wayward crank bait or worm.

If trout fishing really isn't your thing or you just can't make it out to the park in time to enjoy the trout fishing madness, don't worry.  Upper and Lower Proud Lakes are filled with plenty of gamefish including: Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Bluegill and Perch.

Not only that, throughout the year the park's 130 camp sites are available for you to get away from home. Especially as the temperatures cool and the and the bugs begin to die off, a fall comping trip is the perfect opportunity to sneak in some hunting as well.  The two lakes are surrounded by 4000 acres of marshes, meadows, bogs, pine plantations, and large expanses of natural forest more than half of which is open to hunting.  Every September small game season opens up the hunting opportunities for game like squirrels and rabbits. Then, October comes around bringing bowhunters into the park hoping for a chance at a whitetail deer. But that's not it, the park is home to wild turkeys, pheasants, and a few species of waterfowl, so check the hunting regulations before heading to Proud Lake to with a shotgun or bow in hand. 

If you're just looking to get your daily dose of outdoors then you might take some time to hike some of the parks 21 miles of trail system.  Walking isn't the only way to explore the beautiful scenery, horseback riding or mounting biking are great ways to increase your enjoyment.  Proud lake even host some very unique experiences year around like midnight lantern walks in winter, to see upcoming events you'll need to "like" the park facebook page.  The park has a very diverse habitat. This makes it an ideal place to bring a camera and binoculars for a little birdwatching.  

Finally, once the snow falls and winter arrives you can do a little cross country skiing or break out the snowmobiles to zoom along the 10 miles of snow mobile paths. 

For more information on Proud Lake Recreation Area: Click Here!

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