Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Product Review and Tips For Using The Zippo A-Frame Hand Warmer

Description: The Zippo A-Frame hand warmer is a low odor hand warmer with a long warming life of 12 hours per fluid filling making it ideal for hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing and football.  The product includes hand warmer, warmer bag and filling cup.  (Lighter fluid not included)

Review:  This is one of those products that I can't say enough about.  My first time hunting my mentor let me use one of these to help me keep warm on a day that was a very cold 11 degree day.  At first I thought I didn't need it because i had some of those disposable hand warmers.  However after an hour of sitting I quickly noticed the difference in heat being produced by disposable hand warmers and the Zippo A-Frame warmer.  Needless to say the Zippo hand warmer was far better at producing warmth and it lasted several hours longer than the disposable warmers. Not only that but it it had no odor that I noticed.  Needless to say the Zippo hand warmer get's 5 stars from me and I'll always have a few of these on my when hunting and ice fishing.  

Quick tips:
  • Allow the heater time to warm up (to the point that it’s almost too hot to touch) before putting it inside the fleece pouch.

  • In extreme cold you may want to put the warmer directly in your pocket without the fleece pouch in order to get a more heat.  Note: do this only if you’re wearing thick clothing that’ll keep you from having direct or close to direct skin contact.
  • Keep in mind the fleece pouch extends burn time but reduces heat conduction
  • For a warmer burn leave the drawstring open so the burner can get more oxygen.
  • If it's getting too hot close the drawstring to reduce heat.
  • DO NOT place the metal warmer directly against bare skin as this will cause burns.  This is especially important for numb fingers that may not alert you to being burned due to numb pain receptors. 

Pros:  Has very low odor, last very long and gets far warmer than the disposable hand warmers that we all use. 

Cons:  The only con is the fact that you have to refill the warmer with fuel thus you must keep extra fuel around.  (But I can’t really say that’s a con)

Price: $19.95

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