Friday, December 20, 2013

Product Review: Quantum Optix 30 Spinning Reel

Company Description:  Reel in your next great catch with the Quantum Optix Size 3o Spinning Reel Convertible.  The spinning reel features graphite frame construction and smooth, adjustable front drag.  The aluminum spool is strong and offers smooth casting, and the reel features selectable continuous anti-reverse for reliable line payout.  Two ball bearings and 1 roller bearing provide smooth line movement.  Collapsible single handle.  Internal bail trip.  195 yards/8 lb.

Features and Benefits:
  • Graphite frame Construction for light weight
  • 2 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing provide for smooth line movement
  • 5.3:1 gear ratio for high-speed retrieves
  • Reels 27 inches per revolution
  • Aluminum spool offers durability and smooth casting
  • Single collapsible handle
  • Selectable continuous anti-reverse for reliable line payout
  • Internal Bail Trip

Review:  I bought the Quantum Optix 30 early last year as a quick replacement for a cheap reel that came on a rod & reel combo set I purchased.  However when I got it home I realized that my ultralight reel was in poor condition so I slapped the Optix 30 on my ultralight.  Overall the reel is very nice it's pretty smooth for an inexpensive reel with only 3 ball bearings.  As well it's a pretty sturdy reel which has taken a beating from me over the past year. 

So far I've caught everything ranging from bluegill just large enough to be considered bait to a 12lb brown trout using the Optix 30.  The only problems I had with the reel is that the screws that hold in the reel handle and the wire bail work loose with normal usage.  This got to be extremely annoying, especially when chasing white bass, so I'll be figuring out some way to fix these issues before the ice thaws this coming spring.  Even with those two issues the reel will stay in my arsenal this coming spring.  However It'll be getting pushed over to a bit heavier rod. 

Overall the reel gets 4 stars from me. 

How I Used:  I have the Quantum Optix 30 paired up with a Berkley Cherrywood ultralight rod.  The reel is spooled with 6lb flourocarbon P-line. 

Pros:  The Optix 30 is very economical in price.  The reel has a reasonably smooth drag and is pretty light weight.

Cons:  The screw that holds in the bail wire consistently comes loose.  As well the screw that holds in the reel handle in place comes loose with normal use which can be annoying. 

Price: $19.99

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