Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Outdoor News: Michigan Flathead Catfish Record By 53+ Pound Catfish


When thinking of Michigan fishing the average angler thinks of things like Detroit river walleye, Lake St. Clair muskie or great lakes salmon fishing. What you do not think about are flathead catfish. 

However I'm happy to say that for one Indiana angler congrats are due as that's exactly what he thinks of.  Lloyd Tanner of Indiana states, "I've been fishing in Michigan for almost 30 years. What draws me to Michigan is the fishing for big catfish." Apparently Lloyd knows something that many of us do not, big flathead catfish roam Michigan waters.

As a result of his drive to chase Michigan flatheads we all need to congratulate Mr. Tanner on braking the Michigan state record for flathead catfish.  His fish weighed in at 53lbs with a length of 48 inches, knocking out the previous record of 52 lbs, 46 inches. Mr. Tanner landed his fish while fishing with cutbait on the St. Joseph river, a tributary of Lake Michigan. 

So our hats are off to you today Lloyd Tanner, congrats on breaking the state record and tight lines. 

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