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9/27/2018 Northwest Lower Peninsula, Michigan Fishing Report

Northwest Lower Peninsula

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Petoskey:  Windy conditions have kept boat anglers at bay. Water temperature was a constant 65 degrees from the surface to 100 feet down which usually results in poor catch rates. When the weather allows, a couple anglers did manage to catch a few Chinook, coho, lake trout and cisco 60 to 110 feet down.  

Bear River:  While there has not been much rain to bring water levels up, strong winds seemed to help push fish into the river. Anglers caught mainly Chinook and coho along with a couple small steelhead at both the mouth and the dam when using spawn, artificial eggs and flies. Salmon were caught off the piers and the docks around the marina as well when casting spoons or stick baits after sunset and before sunrise.  

Charlevoix: Fishing slowed especially after the wind. Boat anglers managed to catch one lake trout 85 to 90 feet down near the Cement Plant. Smallmouth fishing in the channel was hit-or-miss but a few keepers were taken on real or artificial worms. This fishery should stay decent for a few more weeks depending on the weather. Shore anglers have been going out after dark and casting for salmon near the cement plant. A few Chinook were caught over the last week. Anglers are reminded that fishing is prohibited within 100 feet of the mouth of Medusa Creek when the weir is in operation.  

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  • For a more accurate report on Lake Charlevoix I suggest reaching out to the people at Tom's Bait & TacklePhone: (231-536-3521)

Boyne River:  Had a run of fresh chinook salmon after recent storms got them moving again. Some steelhead were caught near the mouth.

Jordan River:  Has trout and salmon.  

Traverse City:  The East Bay had excellent Cisco fishing along the West Bank, both north and south of the Center Road launch in 80 to 130 feet and on the north side of Deepwater Point when jigging. Chinook and coho salmon were caught by those trolling or jigging near Yuba Creek and Acme Creek or when trolling along the West Bank. No big numbers of salmon but fish are being caught. Lake trout and a few whitefish were caught at the south end. Fishing off Elk Rapids was a little slow, but a few fish were taken straight out from the marina. Bass were found along the south end but many were undersize. On the Elk River, fishing was slow but a couple salmon and small steelhead were caught on spawn at the dam. In the West Bay, salmon fishing was slow but a couple Chinook and coho were caught. A few bass were taken along the peninsula and around Power Island. Perch were found in 35 to 50 feet outside Clinch Park, south of Bowers Harbor and in Sutton’s Bay but the action was hit-or-miss. On the Boardman River, the occasional Chinook, coho or steelhead were caught below the pedestrian bridge near J & S Hamburg’s and along Park Street in the early morning or evening when drifting spawn and skein.  

Platte River:  With the north winds last week, the coho salmon have really moved up into the lower river. DNR staff have passed fish and will continue to do so to get more fish up to the weir. This should allow anglers to do well. Staff estimated that there were currently 20,000 fish or more at the lower weir.  

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Betsie River:  Anglers are still getting Chinook salmon however the numbers have slowed and the ones being caught are quite dark.  

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Manistee:  Surface temperature readings dropped to about 62 degrees. Angler activity was slow but some had success when trolling in the harbor and around the piers for Chinook. A few coho have also been caught. Spoons and J-plugs worked best. Pier fishing was slow but those fishing early or late managed to catch a few salmon when casting artificial baits.  

Manistee River:  Brown trout, walleye and pike have started to bite again. 

Nearby Bait & Tackle Shops:
Don's Sporting Goods: (231) 723-5028
Tangled Tackle Co.(231) 887-4242
Pappy's Bait & Tackle: (231) 848-4142

Andy's Tackle Box: (231) 477-5737 

Ludington:  A few coho were still being caught 40 to 80 feet down in 140 to 200 feet. Spoons were the ticket. Pier fishing remains slow. 

Pere Marquette Lake Some anglers are still doing well when trolling J-plugs.  

Pere Marquette River:  Continues to have a fair to good number of Chinook salmon including some large fish. The occasional steelhead has also been caught.  

Pentwater:  Angling activity has decreased greatly. Boats fishing 50 to 90 feet down in 225 to 350 feet caught Chinook, young coho and steelhead on spoons and flies.  

Pentwater Lake:  Anglers still-fishing with red worms at Longbridge Road caught yellow perch, rock bass and channel catfish.    

Pentwater River:  Those drifting egg flies or casting body baits caught the occasional Chinook salmon in the early morning.

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