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7/04/2018 Northeast Lower Peninsula, Michigan Fishing Report

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan:  Those trolling in the straights caught salmon and lake trout on spoons.   Lake trout were caught off Nine Mile Point with spin-glo’s.  

Cheboygan River Is producing smallmouth bass, walleye, bullhead, freshwater drum and bluegills.  The smallmouth bass were undersize.   

Rogers City Lake trout fishing is still good but anglers are finding them out deeper.  Try 55 to 80 feet and fish near the bottom where you find 48 degree water.  These fish tend to school up so if you catch one, go back over the same area again.  Try dodgers or cowbells with spin-glo’s.  For Atlantic salmon and steelhead, try the top 30 feet with bright colored spoons like orange, green or yellow.  Look for steelhead near the scum lines.  Chinook were caught 50 feet down or where the thermocline is.  Try downriggers, lead core and dipseys throughout the water column in 65 to 120 feet.  Good colors are green, blue, chartreuse, or glow early and late.  Best time to head out was before sunrise and about an hour or two before and after sunset.  

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Alpena:  The water has warmed up so trout and salmon anglers are heading out towards Thunder Bay Island, the 9-Mile Can, and other areas outside the bay.  Lake trout along with an occasional Chinook, Atlantic, coho and pink salmon were caught.  Silver fish were caught from 60 feet and up near the thermocline with bright orange spoons in the top 25 to 30 feet.  Lake trout were in the bottom 20 feet and hitting on dodgers or cowbells with spin-glo’s.  A few walleye were caught south of the bay towards the Black River where boats were heading out in the late evening.  

Thunder Bay River:  The action has been slow.  Anglers trying for walleye had little success.  Those using crawlers or leeches caught rock bass, freshwater drum and some undersize bass.    

Black River:  Anglers were targeting walleye in the late evening and into the night.  Most were in 20 to 40 feet between Black River Island and Scarecrow Island.  

Harrisville:  Anglers found lake trout when trolling spoons with or without flashers in 70 to 90 feet around Sturgeon Point.  Most fish were in the bottom 10 feet but a few were caught on lead core in the top 25 feet.  Steelhead were taken off Sturgeon Point with spoons 20 feet down in 60 to 70 feet along the scum line.  The odd walleye was caught when trolling a crawler harness and bottom bouncer or body baits in 20 to 30 feet. 


Oscoda:  Lake trout were caught by those trolling spoons in the bottom 10 feet of waters 85 to 95 feet deep.  Pier anglers caught a couple walleye, channel cats, freshwater drum, carp, and smallmouth bass when drifting or floating crawlers and minnows.

Au Sable River:  A few smaller walleye were caught when drifting crawlers through the holes in Oscoda and up near Foote Dam.  Smallmouth bass and freshwater drum were commonly found when drifting crawlers or casting jigs and body baits.  Channel cats were caught when still-fishing with crawlers.  Hex hatches continue on certain sections and tributaries of the upper river.  Trophy water temperatures in Mio were reaching the mid 70’s, leaving the trout stressed but the smallmouth bite was good.  

680 River Rd.
Oscoda Twp. Mi 48750
(989) 739-5332

Higgins Lake:  The perch action was hit-or-miss as some are getting fish and others are not.  Most were searching in 40 to 50 feet.  Lake trout are still being caught in 80 to 120 feet, mostly when jigging.  Smallmouth bass are hitting both live and artificial baits.  For the kids, rock bass can be found throughout the lake.   

Nearby Bait & Tackle Shops: 
Higgins Lake Sport & Tackle: (989) 821-9517 
Sports Barn: (989) 821-9511

Houghton Lake:  Good fishing continues.  Smaller bluegills are hitting on worms but the bigger fish were hitting on leeches in 10 feet or so.  Walleye are still hitting on crank baits, Hot-n-Tot’s, flicker shad or a harness with crawlers or leeches.  Those drifting did well with a beetle spin.  Good colors are red, pink, purple, orange and chartreuse.  

Nearby Bait & Tackle Shops:

Tawas:  Walleye action was slow but anglers were still trolling and jigging around Buoys 4 and 6.  Those trolling out deeper in 35 to 50 feet around Buoys 1 and 2 and northeast of the Charity Islands were marking but not necessarily catching fish.  

Tawas River:  Had lots of baitfish but anglers were still catching some pike, bass, channel cats and freshwater drum.    

Au Gres:  Had good walleye action in 15 to 35 feet with limit catches taken straight out mostly with a crawler harness.  A few were also taken on artificial baits.  The incidental large perch, catfish or freshwater drum were also caught.  A few limit catches were taken straight out from the Pine River in 20 to 30 feet.  Smallmouth bass were caught when casting near shore.  

Au Gres River:  Had a big mayfly hatch.  Anglers managed to catch a few largemouth bass, channel cats or freshwater drum.   

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