Thursday, June 7, 2018

6/7/2018 Northeast Lower Peninsula Michigan Fishing Report

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan:  Had some anglers fishing smallmouth bass in the bay. Those using soft baits and crank baits did catch some fish.   

Cheboygan River:   The water flow has slowed and there was one chute open on the dam. Walleye fishing slowed but a few were taken early or late when drifting worms or jigging soft baits. Those using crank baits, spoons and spinners had little to no luck.  Pike were caught on spinners and crank baits and most were around 26 inches. Anglers also caught carp, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rock bass, suckers and a few catfish when drifting worms.  

Ocqueoc River:  Those using worms and flies at the access site caught large and smallmouth bass as well as carp.  

Rogers City:  Lake trout fishing picked up with a few limit catches reported. Most were fishing cowbells or dodgers with spin-glo’s near the bottom or spoons up higher in 50 to 70 feet. Chinook salmon should be around. Try the top half of the water column in 60 to 120 feet. A couple Atlantic salmon were caught recently. Try the top 20 feet with bright spoons like orange or chartreuse.  

Alpena:  Boats did well with a mixed bag of lake trout, Atlantic salmon and the occasional Chinook or steelhead being caught straight out in 60 to 90 feet, around Thunder Bay Island and off the Nine Mile Can. Anglers were running lines throughout the water column and closer to the bottom for lake trout. Spoons, as well as dodgers or flashers with flies or spin glo’s, were good in green, blue and chartreuse. Use bright colors up high. Walleye anglers were fishing in 25 feet off the city beach, Grass Island, Northshore and North Point. Crank baits worked best usually in the late evening and throughout the night.  

Thunder Bay River:  Fresh water drum appear to be in and anglers have caught them on an assortment of tackle, including live bait. Smallmouth bass, rock bass and bowfin were also caught. Boats trolling or jigging in the turn basin caught a few walleye early in the day. Most were jigging leeches or trolling a crawler harness.    

Black River:  A couple large channel cats were taken at the mouth by those still-fishing with crawlers.  

Harrisville:  Those trolling spoons and spin-glo’s between the harbor and Sturgeon Point found lake trout, Atlantic salmon and steelhead in 65 to 90 feet. Lake trout were taken from the bottom half of the water column while steelhead and Atlantic salmon were up higher. The fish were feeding on emerald shiners, gobies and a few smelt.  

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Oscoda:  Anglers trolling spoons in 60 to 90 feet had good catches of lake trout near the bottom and a few pink salmon up high.  Lake trout were taken as far out as 150 feet and around the Hump in the bottom 20 feet.  Pier anglers still-fishing with crawlers caught channel cats up to 10 pounds.  Walleye and smallmouth bass were taken when drifting or still-fishing with crawlers, twister tail jigs and body baits.  Lots of rock bass, carp and freshwater drum were taken on crawlers.  

Au Sable River:  Anglers were finding decent numbers of walleye from River Road down to the mouth when drifting night crawlers from a boat or under a bobber. A few steelhead were still present in the river, with a few caught on drifted flies. Nice sized smallmouth bass have been taken by anglers drifting the river and stripping streamer flies. Anglers still fishing night crawlers near the mouth of the river have had good catches of channel catfish. 

Tawas: When they could get out, boats trolling in Tawas Bay did pretty good for walleye around Buoys 4 and 6 in the inner bay and out as far as Buoy 2, south of Alabaster and out near the Charity Islands. Bass anglers working the shallows caught a lot of smallmouths on tube jigs. 

Tawas River:  Smallmouth, catfish and freshwater drum were caught in the lower river.    

Au Gres:  When they could get out, boats heading in all directions were catching a lot of walleye on crawler harnesses in 28 to 35 feet. Limit catches of eight fish per angler were common.  

Au Gres River:  A lot of catfish and freshwater drum were caught in the lower river.

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