Thursday, June 14, 2018

6/14/2018 Northwest Lower Peninsula, Michigan Fishing Report

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Harbor Springs Smallmouth bass anglers were doing well in the shallows between the State Park and Harbor Point.  The fish were not on the beds yet and the bigger fish were out in deeper water.  Lake trout were caught from Harbor Point to the north.  Lake herring were caught around Harbor Point and out into the bay.   

Petoskey:  Boats are catching lake trout when trolling from the breakwall to Bay Harbor.  The fish were scattered as water temperature in the bay keeps changing because of the winds.  On the 
Bear River, a couple small steelhead were reported up near the dam.  Those fishing the mouth caught smallmouth bass, rock bass, freshwater drum, pike, walleye and bluegills on worms and stick baits.  

Charlevoix:  Boat anglers were catching lake trout and lake herring from Fisherman’s Island to North Point.  Salmon were caught mainly to the south.  Lake herring were caught in the channel in the early morning with anything flashy like spoons, jigs, blade baits and spinners.  

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Traverse City:  Bass fishing in the East Bay was good with fish caught in shallow waters south of Deepwater Point and the M-37 launch, towards Yuba and in Elk Harbor.  Lake trout fishing was very good straight out from the Elk Rapids Marina when trolling or jigging.  Lake trout and lake herring were also caught on the north side of Deepwater Point and off the M-37 launch.  The Elk River had plenty of nice bass caught between the dam and the mouth when using crawlers, leeches or tube baits.  In the West Bay, bass were caught south of 
Bowers Harbor and around Power Island.  Lake trout were caught north of Bryant Park.  Lake herring and lake trout were found in shallow water in Suttons Bay.  Lake trout were caught when jigging at Northport and north of Old Mission Peninsula.  In the Boardman River, a few bass were caught at the dam and plenty of rock bass were caught at the mouth.   

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Frankfort:  East winds pushed the warmer water out deep and anglers were getting good catches of Chinook salmon and lake trout in 550 to 650 feet and working the top 80 feet with green flies 150 to 200 feet out with copper and green or blue spoons.   

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Arcadia Lake:  Pike and smallmouth bass are still being caught though the bite did slow.  A few anglers were targeting perch and other panfish.  

Onekama:  Chinook catches are picking up in and around the “Barrel” and in front of the golf course when trolling green spoons and flies in the top 25 to 65 feet of waters 250 to 300 feet deep.  Lake trout and steelhead were also caught.    

Portage Lake:  Still no mayfly hatch to report so anglers were taking good catches of bass and panfish.  Perch were found in 18 to 25 feet off Eagle Point.  Bluegills were caught in the weed beds along the east end and bass were caught in all areas.   

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell:  A few walleye were caught by those trolling a crawler harness.  The panfish were in shallow and were hitting on spiders, small flies and artificial baits.  Crappies were caught with a slip bobber in eight to 12 feet.  

Manistee:  Surface temperature readings were about 56 degrees. Anglers are reminded the south pier remains closed.  Off shore, fishing slowed way down as the fish were scattered.  A small number of Chinook and lake trout were caught on spoons in 120 to 300 feet.  Baitfish are still in the harbor and anglers fishing off the north pier caught Chinook and steelhead.  Those trolling in the channel caught a few fish. Ludington:  Had surface water temperatures near 54 degrees.  Fishing slowed here also with only a few Chinook along with a couple steelhead and lake trout taken on spoons in 85 to 250 feet.  Pier anglers were few.  Baitfish are in the harbor and those trolling caught Chinook, brown trout, steelhead and the occasional lake trout.  

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Pentwater:  Chinook, steelhead and lake trout were caught 20 to 60 feet down in 80 to 160 feet.  Green flies, blue or green spoons, and blue or purple meat rigs all caught fish. 

Pentwater Lake:  Those casting body baits in five to 15 feet caught smallmouth bass and pike.  Sunfish and perch were caught from Longbridge Road when floating a worm under a bobber.  

Fremont Lake:  Some walleye were caught along the south shore. 

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