Sunday, November 6, 2016

Waterville, Ohio AirBNB Review

A few weeks ago, my family and I had the pleasure of spending a weekend at this waterfront cottage in Waterville,Ohio. This cottage was perfect for any outdoorsman. Secluded on a quiet back road off the main highway, it was the best place for a family to get away for a weekend and have enjoy some family fun while staying close to modern conveniences. The cottage came equipped with free use of two kayaks, a canoe, golf cart, campfire pit with firewood, fishing poles, and tackle.

It was truly an outdoor living experience including racoons, bugs, well water, and septic tank, so I
wouldn't recommend it for the faint at heart. But, for our family, it was the perfect rustic experience where curious toddlers could play all day and enjoy getting both wet and dirty. It was also a place where little girls became fearless and enjoy laughing around a campfire eating s'mores and fishing with dad. You could feel their excitement, which soon became contagious as we spent quality time laughing, playing, and enjoying the solace of the Maumee River.

At this little cottage, in a small town we had never heard of, we woke early for fishing from the kayaks where we spent hours enjoying the morning sun and good conversation, returning with a fish tale that we will be telling for years to come. I highly recommend this cottage for families or couples who are looking to get away from the busy city and enjoy the simpler things in life.

The cottage is equipped with heat, kitchen utensils, warm blankets and sleeps 6.
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  1. Hey guys, this is great! Give Cathy a call at 419-460-2277. Thanks!



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