Monday, November 14, 2016

November 2016, Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

Lucky Craft: LV 300 (Lucky Vibration) Lipless Crankbait
Description: The Lucky Craft LV 300 is a 2 3/4" lipless crankbait with multiple chambers, each containing different size rattles.  These different sized rattles create a unique sound the the LV 300 is being retrieved through the water. The LV 300 has size #6 VMC treble for the belly hook and a size #8 VMC treble for the tail hook. The recommended line sizes for the LV 300 are lines ranging from 10lbs to 16lbs.
Color: Pearl Threadfin Shad
Retail Price: $15.99

Jewel Bait Co.: Magnum Casting Jig
Description: The Magnum Casting Jig by Jewel Bait Co. was designed with the help of professional angler Stephen Browning. The Magnum Casting Jig comes in the heavier weights of 7/16oz. & 9/16oz. so it can be fished in deeper water. It has a 5/0 mustad hook that is designed specifically for the Magnum Casting Jig and comes with either rubber or silicone skirts depending on which color you purchase. All in all its a jig tailor made for deep water fishing.
Color: Brown Green & Blue
Retail Price: $4.29

Castaic: 4.25" Jerky J. Kicker
Description: The Jerky J. Kicker is a unique swimbait.  The tail in particular is what makes the Jerky J. Kicker so unique. Unlike many swimbaits it doesn't have a paddle tail or a curly tail. In fact it hasa  tail that is flat like a curly tail however it doesnt have the natural twist of a curly tail that gives it action.
According to Castaic's description the Jerky J. Kicker can be fished like a normal swimbait or it can be fished as fast or slow as you desire without losing its action. The flat design of the tail allowing for the most subtle movements to impart action for this bait. It looks like a perfect smallmouth bait so we shall see this spring when I have a chance to test this bait out.
Color: Bluegill (10 colors to choose from)
Retail Price: $5.59 (4 pack) & 6.99 (5 pack)

Vicious Fishing: 8" Ultimate Worm
Company Description: The curly tail worm is a true test of time that is probably the most preferred slow retrieve bait ever. Available in pumpkin seed, watermelon seed, June bug, black blue flake with blue tail, green pumpkin, black grape, watermelon with chartreuse tail, tequila sunrise and red shad / black red pearl.
Color: Green Pumpkin (7 colors to choose from)
Retail Price: $1.16 (5 pack) & $3.49 (15 pack)

Venom Lures: 3/0 Sickle Hooks
Description: The Venom Lures sickle hooks are thick wire offset hooks ideal for fishing plastic worms.  They come in sizes ranging from 1/0 to 5/0.  I'm sure they'll hold up to the largest bass in the lake and I'll definitely be paring them with some of the worms in my plastic worm box.
Retail Price: $2.82 (6pack), $9.98 (25 pack), & $28.32 (100 pack)

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