Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

River2Sea: Dahlberg Diver Frog
Company Description: The Dahlberg Diver Frog is a bait unto its own class.  It's designed to exactly replicate the mannerism and features of a frog. It doesn't just look like a frog, it does frog: not walking, but swimming and kicking like a real one.
Color: Lime
Retail Price: $10.99

Strike Pro: SuperSonic Jointed Crankbait
Company Description: The new Jointed Supersonic is a jointed crankbait that utilizes Strike Pro's patented "bike chain" joints to connect the head to the body.  The jointed head gives the lure more wiggle and is less mechanical looking than a traditional crankbait. Features high pitched rattles and black nickel coated VMC hooks.
Color: Ghost Shad
Retail Price: $8.99

Charlie's Worms: Baby Juke
Description: This 4" soft jerk bait is the smaller version of Charlie's Worms Swimming Juke. Per the company description it works best being fished on a jighead.  However small offset worm hooks will work well with this bait as well as its about he same size as the 4 inch sluggo's I use when the fish are chasing small minnows and 1/0 offset worm hooks work great with those.
Color: Watermelon Red
Retail Price: $3.12 (5 pack) &  $4.99 (8 pack)

Mizmo Bait Company: 5" Quiver Stix
Description: These are simply salt covered and impregnated worms senko style worms.  These I cant give too much of a description for until I get them on the water and use them.  At that point you all will see an in depth review on the Mizmo Quiver Stix in video format as well as her on the blog.
Color: Watermelon Red
Retail Price: $2.454 (4 pack) & $4.79 (8 pack)


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