Friday, October 28, 2016

Product Review: Bass Pro Shops XTS Vibrator Lipless Crankbait

Company Description: Handpainted Bass Pro Shops XTS Lures at a great price! All your favorite colors plus a few you won't find elsewhere, all intricately detailed for true-to-life persentations in any water. Great action throughout the line. All styles have 3-D lazerball eyes, Lazer finish with hand painted detail, and VMC premium trebles. Lipless crank covers water fast! Can be retrieved at any depth.

Sizes: 2" at 3/16 oz.  and 2 3/4" at 7/16 oz.

Colors: 9 color patterns to choose from

Review:  The XTS Vibrator Lipless is a rattling crankbait that I keep in my lipless crankbait box as well as in my white bass box.  It is a great choice for chasing smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair in early spring.  As well it is one of my go to baits for white bass during the spring run or when searching for them on Ford Lake.

Every year I buy a few of these lipless cranks from Basspro during the fishing classic when they go on sale for 1.99, at that price you can't turn them down.

On the other hand with such a low price point there are bound to be a couple of downsides.  First of which is the fact that the XTS Vibrator has inexpensive hooks on it.  This hasnt really been a problem for me cause as soon as I find that the hooks are getting dull I replace them.  The other minor issue is the paint job doesnt hold up to too much of a beating. In all honesty though thats a minor issue in my opinion since they're so inexpensive.

The XTS has a pretty tight action and the rattles are average when it comes to the sound. In fact the action is similar to that of my red eye shads and the sound is about the same.
Overall the XTS Vibrator is a great bait and a great value.

Recommended Set Up: I suggest using a 6'6"to 7" medium to medium heavy power fishing rod with  moderate action tip coupled with a 6:1:1 gear ratio reel.  Ultimately go with what you're comfortable with.

Pros: The painted on patterns are unique and detailed, attracting fish with no problems.  The low price makes the baits well worth purchasing.

Cons: The paint job doesn't hold up as well as I would want and the hooks are cheap.

Price: $3.19

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