Saturday, January 2, 2016

What's In Store for 2016!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We made it to 2016 and with the coming of the new year I've diceded that I want something more out of my outdoor addiction.  Where in the past few years I've been hunting and fishing for fun and relaxation I've decided that this year I'd take my time afield more seriously.  So instead of just taking time away to fish, from this point forward this my time afield will be not just fun but filled with challenge and adventure.

For starters I'll be challenging myself to catching and recording master angler class fish from each of Michigan's game fish species.  Not only do I want to do that but catch master angler class fish with both traditional spinning gear as well as fly fishing tackle.  This will be great challenge for me because I consider myself to be nothing more than a novice at fly fishing.

As well as working to catch master angler class fish, I'll also be challenging my creative abilities by getting better at fly tying and lure making.  Currently my fly tying and lure making have much to be desired in the beauty department.  As well I'm pretty limited in the amount of flies that are in my tying arsenal.  So as I practice and get better I'll be posting the flies and lures in addition to their recipes here on the blog.

Lastly this year will be one of exploration for me.  I'll be exploring as many of the lakes and rivers here in Michigan as I can as well as branching out into Ohio.  These trips will be highlighted here on the blog as well as on my youtube channel, which I'll be getting started on again. Hopefully many of these trips will be Kayak camping trips as well so look out.

Tight Lines and Happy New year!

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