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9/13/23 Southeast, Michigan Fishing Report


Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie: Yellow perch fishing was slow; however, anglers did catch them near the east buoy on minnow rigs. Walleye fishing was also reported as slow. Anglers caught good-sized smallmouth bass using artificial lures in Breast Bay. 

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Lake St. Clair: Anglers caught walleye in the north channel while dragging crawler harnesses. Smallmouth bass anglers did well by Grassy Island and the New Baltimore area. They also reported good smallmouth bass fishing near Brandenburg boat launch a mile and a half to 2 miles from shore. Perch anglers had the most success near the St. Clair Lighthouse and buoys 26, 27 and 28 at the mouth of the south channel. A few walleye were caught by these buoys as well. The perch were deep and in at least 20 feet of water. Anglers were starting to catch muskie and northern pike near the mouth of the Clinton River. The south end was very slow for smallmouth bass fishing, although some anglers caught a few in 15 to 20 feet of water near the 400 Club.

  • For a more accurate report on Lake St. Clair I suggest reaching out to the people at Sportsmen's Direct  as their weekly LSC fishing report is usually far more in depth.  Phone: (586-741-6052)
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Saginaw Bay: Weather limited fishing activity, but those who made it out found a few yellow perch in 8 to 10 feet of water out from Quanicassee. Anglers did, however, have to move around and sort through many small fish to find keeper-sized fish. Anglers fishing for walleye off Quanicassee reported fishing as slow.

Bayport: Anglers caught some largemouth bass and northern pike in Wildfowl Bay. Anglers did best when casting various artificial baits in 2 to 7 feet of water.

Sebewaing: Anglers reported catching a few northern pike in the Sebewaing River while casting artificial baits.

Lower Saginaw Bay: Anglers reported catching yellow perch at the Sparkplug in 23 feet of water using perch rigs. Yellow perch averaged 7 to 10 inches in size. The lower part of the Saginaw River produced yellow perch as well.

Port Sanilac: Anglers caught a few walleye from the break wall in the evening while casting body baits and spoons. Anglers trolling for salmon and trout were heading out to deep water in around 125 to 145 feet of water. Anglers who used lead core and downriggers caught lake trout and steelhead. A few steelhead were caught in front of the harbor in 40 feet of water while using planer boards and lead core.

Port Austin: Smallmouth bass were caught from the break wall and along the Bird Creek when anglers were casting a variety of artificial lures.

Harbor Beach: Anglers reported that fish were scattered in many depths due to changing water temperatures. Smallmouth bass and walleye were caught in 20 to 30 feet of water, with a few cohos caught in that water as well. Anglers who were trolling with lead core and body baits found success. Anglers who were trolling in 100 to 130 feet of water caught some lake trout close to the bottom with downriggers and caught steelhead with a five-color lead core. A few smallmouth bass were caught from the break wall when casting with artificial lures. 

Lexington: Pike were caught from the beach area and around the docks while casting artificial lures, with an occasional walleye early in the morning while casting body baits.

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