Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 2017, Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

Strike Pro: Montero
Description: These baits have great casting range  and stable throw, simple cast and retrieve makes pronounced rolling action. By jerking, stroung sound wave created by special designed rattle chamber and tungsten rattles can attract large predators from a distance.  Excellent flight distances combined with great sound, action and a realistic Strike Pro finish makes the Montero irresistible to predators!

Length: 9.5"
Weight: 0.3 oz.
Class: Suspending
Hooks: Not Sure
Max Diving Depth: 1.5 feet - 2.3 feet
Line: 10lb
Color: SIN023G (25 colors to choose from)
Price: $11.96

Booyah: Baby Boo Jig
Description: This litle jig carries the attitude of the big boys. WIth a 60-strand ultra fine Booyah silicone skirt, light weedguard and a Mustad Ultra Point black nickel light wire hook, this baby has a proven record of catching big ones.

Weight: 3/16 oz. (also available in 5/16 oz.)
Hooks: 3/0 Mustad Hook 
Color: PB and J (13 colors to choose from)
Price: $2.59

V&M Baits: J-Bug
Description: The J-Bug is built specifically for flipping and pitching into heavy cover. Poured with a durable yet soft plastic, the V&M J-Bug features a coned front that butts-up perfectly against concave weights to create a perfectly streamlined profile, making it easier to slip through tight spots.
Super scented and fitted with four J-shaped appendages, the V&M J-Bug delivers a fluttering action that grabs the attention of bass as it moves through matted vegetation and timber.
Length: 3.5"
Class: Soft Plastic
Color: Money Maker (15 colors available)
Price: $4.99

Catch Co: Flicker Worm
Description: The Catch Co. flicker worm is a top design for both bass and walleye. The flicker worm has a long tapered body with a blade tail that floats. The combination of a lively body and floating tail, regardless of your rigging technique, produces lots of crazy and enticing action.
Length: 6"
Class: Soft Plastic
Price: $3.49

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