Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Product Review: Panfish Plastics Chigger Fry

Company Description:  The chigger fry has four tiny legs, a semented body and an alluring pintail that never stops moving, even when dead sticking.  The Chigger Fry measures 1 inch in length and works best on a #10 size hook although you can use upto a size 8 hook. Works great for blegill,
crappie, jumbo perch, whitefish and trout.

It's available in 28 colors sure to replicate microorganisms within the underwater ecosystems.  If they are not biting on the color you're using, try switching to another color, this will sometimes make all the difference. The chigger fry can be fished horizontally or vertically, but horizontal is recommended allowing the tail to be naturally bouyant in the water allowing it to move freely. It also should be fished without any type of live bait added as this hinders the natural tail action.

Review: The Chigger Fry is a bait that I keep in my bait bag with a set of number 10 or 12 hooks.  The Chigger Fry is a great way to salvage a day of fishing.  All panfish love it and it and doesn't take a lot of effort to catch fish with it. I personally rig it three different ways.  The first is below a bobber rigged with a #12 dry fly hook.  The second is also below a bobber but rigged with a 1/64 oz jig head.  The last way is with mini carolina rig for when the big bluegill are hanging in deep water.

The appendages have a lot of natural movement which readily attract any fish large enough to eat the Chigger Fry.

Cons: None

Price: $2.19 per 10 pack

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