Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fifteen Free Minutes to Jig Up Some Bluegill

Today I decided to sneak away during my 30 minute lunch to try out one of my hair jigs I'd tied this week.  Since I was already out to run an errand earlier, I had the perfect opportunity to run to the boat docks a couple of blocks from work.  So I drove over to the docks, grabbed a rod from the my trunk and tied on the 1/32 oz jig on while walking to closest dock.   I hadn't gotten any bites within my first few cast and my 10 minute time frame was quickly disappearing.  Since I was casting in to open water I decided to change tactics and pitch under the docs.  On the next cast, right under the closest dock, after a couple of quick twitches this guy aggressively snatched my jig.  The bluegill gave me a decent fight prior to being an unwilling model for the picture.  A quick release and I was back at work plodding away being productive. Hopefully I'll be able to get back out soon and chase some of the larger bluegill closer to home.

Thanks for reading and tight lines.  

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