Friday, April 1, 2016

Product Review: Shakespeare Outcast Fishing Rod

Company Description:
Shakespeare rods are perfect for anglers looking for a reliable product without breaking the bank.  Outcast rods are perfect for a variety of species and anglers.

The Shakespeare Outcast spinning rod is best described as an entry level spinning rod.  At six feet six inches long,  medium power and slow action, it's a pretty good rod for both crankbait and bank fishing.

I bought the Shakespear Outcast rod to see  how the $15 rod would fair with others.  I found it fairly heavy in comparison to some of my higher end fishing rods.  I didn't necessarily see the weight as a draw back because I assumed with the weight would come durability, so I decided to put the Outcast through the paces.        

The first time I fished with the rod, I fished for trout.  Paired with a Quantum reel, I bottom fished with powerbait landing a number of trout with the largest being just over 7lbs.  The slow action and sensitivity of the rod worked great for this kind of fishing as it allowed me to detect some of the lighter bites. For largemouth bass I paired the rod with crankbaits (lipless and lipped) and spinnerbaits.  It performed very well. For silver bass, I threw only lipless crankbaits with the Outcast.
With the combination of lipless cranks and the Outcast I caught hundreds of white bass and a couple fresh water drum over 10lbs with no problem.  I was surprised by the way the Outcast held up against Carp. If you've ever targeted carp or caught one by mistake, you know that a big carp can destroy your gear.  However, the outcast took this challenge like a champ.  I caught several carp over 15lbs on this rod with no problems. I also caught carp after drag screaming carp on the Outcast without it creaking or cracking in anyway.

Overall, the Shakespeare Outcast is a great budget rod for the beginning angler. It's also good back up rod for those times when you don't want to risk abusing a more expensive rod.  However, I don't recommend pairing the outback with bottom presentations like Texas rigs, as the slower action and medium power don't help in getting your baits free of structure.

I give the Outcast 3 out of 5 stars. It's a budget rod made of budget materials. For all around use though, it's great and a great buy. I recommend it for kids, begginners and the budget conscious angler.

Pros: Inexpensive and durable
Cons: Heavy and made of inexpensive materials

Length:  6'6" Spinning Rod
Rod Power: Medium
Number of Pieces: 2
Rod Blank Material: Tubular Fiberglass
Rod Handle Material: EVA Foam
Guides: 5 Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Inserts
Line Rating: 6lb - 12lb test
Lure Rating: 1/8oz - 1/2 oz

Price: 14.99

Here is a little footage of the Outcasts in use catching bass on lipless crankbaits.


  1. Fishing rod is very important fishing gear for surf fishing. Weight and length is very important issue before choosing your fishing rod.

  2. When it comes to shipping a fishing rod, proper packaging is key! I recommend using a sturdy shipping tube and adding extra padding like bubble wrap or foam to protect the rod from damage during transit.



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