Monday, May 25, 2015

Ford Lake Carp Fishing With Bass Hooks

If you know me, then you know I love fishing under any circumstances, for any species.  So, when I get the call to go carp fishing during the spawn, I jump at the chance. Last night, that call came in a text, "Carp spawning... Let's go in the morning."  My reply, "See you at 7."   I quickly packed up my noodle rod, a Shakespeare outback rod I'm putting through the paces, a ziploc bag full of corn, and my terminal tackle for the morning.

This morning, I got up and set up rods for carp fishing.  My rig is a little different from what many people use for carp. In fact, I've been told several times that it wouldn't work for carp because they are line shy and shy of large hooks.  The rig I use is a slip rig tied on a 7+ foot noodle rod rigged with a 1/2 ounce egg sinker on 10lb monofilament and a 12 to 18 inch  8 or 10 lb flourocarbon leader tipped with a large worm hook or a Matzuo Rip-N Roll swivel hook.  I personally prefer the death roll hook because it has a swivel attached too it, which for me has resulted in less breaks at the tie in point.  In fact, it is the very same set up I use for large catfish (minus the noodle rod) which tend to barrel roll when being fought.   I cast my rods out and set the drag so it's pretty loose but just tight enough to keep constant tension on the line.  When the drags starts screaming, hang on and enjoy the ride.

I fished this morning for  about 2 hours with a couple of friends and we all had a blast. We ended up catching 12 fish.  We had a blast, especially my buddy who had never chased carp before.  Below are a few pictures from this morning and hopefully, the next carp fishing adventure you see from me will either be from a float tube or a kayak.

Thanks for reading! Tight lines...

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