Monday, May 18, 2015

Beautiful Day for Silver Bass

This morning was an absolutely beautiful day to get in some fishing for silver bass.  As you can see from the picture above the 6am sunrise was well worth waking up and driving to Elizabeth park at 5:30.  While the sunrise was well worth the drive that wasn't the reason why I was there so I started casting a basspro 2 inch XTS Vibrator in the tilapia color.  First cast and fish on, a decent sized silver bass but not quite the size I fish for.  This went on for two hours with me catching fish after fish totaling a little over 65 fish.  On the whole I only kept 12 white bass and released all of the rest.

What's funny is while I was fishing I noticed the other anglers were catching a few fish but not the numbers I was catching. I think it's because the bass have been getting fished pretty hard over the last few weeks and they've gotten used to seeing white and chartreuse jigs with twister tails and have become a bit skittish on non-moving minnows.

At one point I had a gentleman walk up to fish along side me but he wasn't getting any bites either. So I offered to let him use my other lipless crankbait but he refused and only ended up with two fish in the time he was there with me.

My setup today was pretty simple.  I used a shakespeare outback spinning rod with a quantum triax reel spooled with 10lb monofilament baited with  basspro 2 1/2 inch XTS Vibrator.  As well I fished with a berkley cherrywood ultralight spooled with 4lb monofilament baited with a 2 1/2 inch Rebel Red Eye Minnow  The red eye minnow didn't produce as well as the lipless crankbait mostly because the fish were holding close to the bottom and the bait couldn't quite get deep enough consistently.

Here are the fish I kept.

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