Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 2017 Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

It's my favorite time of the month again, Mystery Tackle Box time. I got my box yesterday and as usual it was a pleasant surprise.  Every month I assume the high dollar item will be the best thing in the box.  However this month I'm super excited by a couple of the less expensive items the box, the Z-Man Project Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig and the Z-Man Crusteaz. The shroomz jig was made specifically for the ned rig which is one of the most efficient finesse rig I've fished and the crusteaz is the trailer for it.  I'm definitely purchasing some more to add to my jig box but these two products made my March Mystery Tackle Box worth every penny.

Lucky Craft LV-0
Description: Lucky Craft's new LV-0 is a super shallow running crankbait.  It is designed for fishing shallow grassy cover when a traditional lipless crankbait would dig too deep. It also works great over dee weed beds that grow almost to the surface. The small lip on this bait makes it run higher in the water column allowing the angler to just retrieve this bait over the tops of the weeds. The LV-0 is equipped with brass and glass rattles that have unique sound unlike other rattling lures.  This is unique bait that was built for special situations, and will help you put fish inthe boat when other techniques fail.
Length: 2-3/4"
Weight: 1/2oz
Class: Sinking
Hooks:  Belly Hook #6; Tail Hook #8
Max Diving Depth: Surface
Line: 10-12 lbs
Color: Ghost Baby Bass
Price: $14.99

Z-Man Project Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig
Description: A skirted, Midwest finesse-style mushroom jighead that's known to entice strikes in tough conditions, the ShroomZ Finesse Jig's 100% silicone skirts in custom-designed patterns provide a realistic appearance, lifelike action, and tantalizing slow fall rate that is simply deadly on finicky bass.
Weight: 1/8oz. & 3/16oz.
Hook: Size #1 black nickel jig hook
Weed Gaurd: Dual multi-strand wire weedgaurd
Color: Pond Scum (6 colors available)
Price: $4.99

Z-Man Crusteaz
Description: This miniature crustacean imitation is perfectly suited for any application where fresh or saltwater gamefish are feeding on small crabs, crayfish, sandfleas, ghost shrimp or other crustaceans. The uniquely shaped body can be rigged in a variety of manners, and the twin u-tail claws produce attention getting action on both fast and slow retrieves.
Size: 2"
Color: Pond Scum (8 Colors Available)
Price: $2.99

Cabin Creek Baits Salty Creature
Size: 5"
Color: Green Pumpkin (15 colors available)
Price: $2.24

Daiichi Bleeding Bait Hook Assortment
Price: $1.70

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