Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 2017, Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

I was sitting here just a little while ago working on a blog post about fishing with bucktail jigs and I hear my neighbors dogs start barking.  Not the happy I'm glad your home bark that dogs use when their owners come home but that who are you get out of my territory bark they use whenever someone they don't know walks past their yard. So knowing the difference and being the nosey neighbor that I am, I peaked out the window to see who is the cause of all the ruckus. Not to my surprise it's the post lady, I don't know what it is about postmen that dogs hate but thanks fido for hating my local post lady.  Because today you're territorial barks signaled the coming of my February 2017 Mystery Tackle Box.

So without any further yapping from me this is what was in my Mystery Tackle Box:

Lucky Craft Slim Shad D-9
Company Description: The greatest advantage of the slim shad lure is that it will cause the fish to stop in their tracks. It produces extraordinary results in clear water, especially when the fish are not responding to any other style of fishing. Another key feature of the slim shad is its castability. The baits center of gravity (weighted by tungsten) facilitates sharp angle turns and long casting distances. This lure also moves well in fairly deep water, and the body houses a built in gravity-center shift system.
Length: 2 3/4" (70mm)
Weight: 7/16oz.
Class: Floating
Hooks: Belly Size #3,  Tail Size #4
Max Diving Depth: 8-9 ft.
Line: 8-10lbs
Color: Pearl Threadfin Shad (available in 14 other colors)
Price: $15.99

Lunkerhunt Kraken Jerkbait
Description: The Lunker Hunt Kraken series jerkbait incorporates all of the great characteristics of top performing jerkbaits. Its body shape has been designed to cover water and generate strikes. It has an erratic action in the water that drives fish crazy. It's particularly effective when fish are active and anglers are trying to get a reaction strike.
Weight: 1/2 oz.
Length: 3 3/4"
Hooks: Size #4
Class: Floating
Diving Depth: 0 - 6.5 ft.
Color: Make it Rain (available in 4 other colors)
Price: $3.99

Bruiser Baits Stick Worm
Description: The tantalizing quiver of the Stick Worm makes it great to pitch, flip or jerk along the bottom. The rigging options are endless as it can be used in tons of fishing situations. It can be texas rigged, carolina rigged, wacky rigged or you can drop shot it. The added hook slot gives you great weedless capabilities while still getting that solid hook set.
Size: 5 inches
Color: Watermelon Candy (available in 13 other colors)
Price: $2.15

Big Bite Baits Real Deal HD Craw
Description: The brainchild of Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Russ Lane, the Big Bite Baits Real Deal HD Craw offers the same incredible action as the original in a handfull of custom airbrushed colors. The realist craw profile of the HD Craw lives up to its name, delivering an ultra-lifelike appearance and a unique texture that you won't find anywhere else.  Like the original, the HD Craw can be fished with the claws together or separate - for two distinctly different but equally effective presentations. Loaded with an incredible amount of detail, the HD Craw is the next best thing to live bait.
Length: 4 inches
Color: Black/Brown Craw (available in 3 other colors)
Price: $5.99

Mustad KVD Triple Grip Hook
Price: $2.99


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