Saturday, February 6, 2016

Early Birthday Present Courtesy Michigan Headhunter

I woke up this morning with the intention of running errands early, so I could spend some time with my family. By errands I mean paying bills, but more importantly, making a visit to Andy's Tackle.

Before I could get going, I got a call from my buddy Michigan Headhunter. "Bro, what time are you going down to Andy's this morning?" he asked.

"I'm actually getting ready to go down there now.: I replied, thinking he must be going there too and that I must be way too predictable."Alright I'll see you down there." He said before jumping off the phone. Apparently I'm wasn't the only one with cabin fever.

About twenty minutes later, I walked into Andy's and greeted the owner and Michigan Headhunter who already had a pretty big haul of tackle on the counter. I grabbed some peacock hearl, pro-tec powder paint, and some purple spinner blades and made my way up front to pay for my goods.

When I got to the register I notice Michigan Headhunter's items are still on the counter and he's standing there with a grin on his face. "Bro, happy birthday. I know you've been wanting this rod for a while and here is a reel to go with it." He says bringing an instant smile to my face. Immediately I thanked him for the rod and reel and gave him a bro hug in thanks.

So what rod and reel did he give me as early birthday presents? Well the rod is the Berkley Trout
Dough Series Spinning rod. This is a rod I've been talking about getting for two years, ever since Michigan Headhunter first got his a couple years ago. Unfortunately my frugalness has stopped me from buying this rod a dozen times but Michigan Headhunter decided this year to give me one as a gift despite my frugal ways.

Not only did he give me this berkley rod but he also gave me a Quantum Q-Vex spinning reel. Now this a reel I've used a few times when out carp fishing just the larger version of the one I have now and I love it. I already have it spooled with 6lb braided line and I'm just waiting to have a trout fighting at the other end of the line.

Thanks to Michigan Headhunter for the awesome beginning to my birthday month! Tight lines everyone!!

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