Friday, September 13, 2013

Why I'm Starting this Blog

Why am I starting this blog?  The question that I've been asking myself for the last few days leading up to the start of "The Urban Outdoorsman".   Every time I ask it I have to remind myself that there is a wealth of information out there that will aid us all in becoming better outdoorsmen and women.  As a result I've decided to share with you what little knowledge of fishing, hunting and woodsmanship I have with you all as well as share with you in my growth and experimentation as I learn more.  As a result you can expect to see posts about fishing (from the bank, float tube and kayak fishing), fishing DIY, hunting, wild game recipes and plenty woodsmanship in between.

Fortunately i know that I am in no way a professional sportsman.  I say this is fortunate because my understanding that I don't know it all gives me the mind to constantly learn and get better at ll things outdoors.  So with that said hopefully I can bring things to this blog that you all can learn from and I hope that you will all be willing to share your knowledge with me about the outdoors so that I might become better.

So stay tuned and thanks for reading.



  1. iv only been fishing a few times in my life and I really liked it a im really looking forward to reading more to come..

  2. I like your blog. Experts and newbies should follow the same philosophy. There will always be something to learn.



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